Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dian Pelangi Down Under!!

Salams All
ahem...sorry couldn't hold it in lol

So i was on the most addictive app 
(add me if you haven't already :)
and i see someone tagged me on
a pic of Dian Pelangi and LuLu in Melbourne!!
And my heart stopped 
and my first instinct was to buy a ticket to melbourne! LOL
So i started to read all the comment and wow
she's having a fashion show in melbourne!
at the Sofitel!!
i'd love to get invited to these things..
but don't know how??
any other bloggers have any tips for me??
would love to know!!

At Dian & Lulu if i don't see you in australia 
inshaAllah i'll see you in indonesia!!
would love to interview you both!

For All you guys who don't know who they are..
Shame on you! LOL JOKES! 
they're inspirations!
here's a link 

the foto that got all sydney siders wishing they were living in melbourne!

Me in my favorite Outfit on a Hot day!
Dp: Tie Dye Scarf!
Dp: Harem Pants!

Also instead of a white long sleeve top
i like to switch it up with a stripe top!

anyways i shall leave you with haffy in a world of dp scarves!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012


love it!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Salams All,
OHEMGEE this is like really really really late!!!
but I've been waiting for more pictures to be sent, 
but the beautiful photographer hasn't sent them yet... :(

So i'll just show you what i got hehehe
A couple of months ago i got an email 
from a lovely girl called Jo from Frankie Magazine.

My reaction...
"Frankie Magazine...frankie...magazine...
yey right this probably a joke...OMG frankie magazine" lol

So anyways i emailed back asking 
if this was the real Frankie Magazine.. hehhe
and yes it was!! :D
After a couple of emails i had a lovely phone interview with her, 
then a few days later had a photo shoot with a gorgeous girl named Carine.
Talking to both these girls was so easy, it's like you've been friends for ages, 
so you didn't have any nervous feelings 
(which is a good thing for me)
here's a few sneaky fotos i took at my lil foto shoot!!

The cute lil cafe we met at.

the awesome walls Carine picked out!

the beautiful Carine!

changing in the car! lol

So here is my two page spread in Frankie Magazine!!
if it's not too late!!
i know my friends in Indonesia did! yey!!!

Thank You to Jo & Carine for the lovely experience!!!

Check Out Carine's Page!!
awesome fotos!!

xoxo MSF

Monday, October 29, 2012



Saturday 17 November 2012

Mya Arifin & Delina Darusman-Gala, Ultimo.
Mya Arifin & Delina Darusman-Gala
Discover the modest fashionistas at the forefront of a burgeoning fashion market in Australia, as we spring into a new summer season of style. Dress up and take part in a fun day of fashion talks, workshops and demonstrations at the Powerhouse for one day only!
Meet and hear talks by a vibrant group of Sydney-based entrepreneurs who are designing and selling clothes to a growing number of Muslim (and non-Muslim women) who want to dress fashionably, while still expressing their faith.
Learn the different ways that the hijab can be worn and creatively tied.
Explore the tradition of the mehendi – from adorning brides’ hands to creating hip, temporary tattoos on arms and bellies – while an artist creates a contemporary mehendi design for you!
Don’t miss Faith, fashion, fusion: Muslim women’s style in Australia, which presents a refreshing look at the fashion and lives of Australian Muslim women who are creatively merging culture with couture.


Mehendi designs by artist Idil Abdullahi. Photo: Idil Abdullahi
Henna artist (Faith, fashion, fusion exhibition, level 2)
10.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-4pm
Idil Abdullahi is a ceramic and henna artist who came to Australia with her family as a refugee from Somalia in 1993. In this session Idil will be creating unique & stylish henna art to adorn the body while sharing some of the traditions and histories that are connected with this timeless art. No bookings necessary, just turn up!
Hijab scarves. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Hijab tying workshop (Faith, fashion, fusion exhibition, level 2)
10.45am-11.15am, 11.45am-12.15pm and 12.45pm-1.15pm
Sydney’s first Muslim fashion bloggers, Mya Arifin and Delina Darusman-Gala, who are passionate about fashion will hold a series of 1/2 hour hijab workshops. They will demonstrate the diverse fabrics that can be used and the creative ways that the hijab can be tied to create a unique fashion statement! No bookings necessary, just turn up!
Hijab tying workshop (private room, level 5)
2.30pm-3pm and 3.30pm-4pm
Two Hijab workshops led by Mya Arifin and Delina Darusman-Gala will be held in a private Museum room, away from public view, for groups of up to 30 women. Bookings essential. BOOK NOW 
Conversations with designers, fashion bloggers and Muslim personalities
All talks will be held in the Faith, fashion, fusion exhibition, level 2.
Hear and meet a range of fashion entrepreneurs, commentators and personalities from the Muslim community who will talk about their personal experiences, challenges and achievements in a series of 15-minute conversations! Speakers and appearance times are:
Mona Marabani. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Mona Marabani was born in Lebanon and came to Australia with her mother and father in her teens. She is currently completing her Masters in Islamic Studies at Charles Sturt University and teaches the Qur’an at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney.
Tarik Houchar, Hijab House. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Tarik Houchar is the owner of Hijab House with retail outlets in Bankstown Centro, Stockland Merrylands and online. He specialises in dresses, abayas and a gorgeous range of scarves.
Howayda Moussa and Hanadi Chehab, Integrity Boutique. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Sisters Howayda Moussa and Hanadi Chehab are designer-retailers at Integrity Boutique in Bankstown Centro specialising in modest evening and formal wear aimed at both Muslim and non-Muslim women.
Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh, baraka. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh design for online modest fashion label baraka . Sourcing high quality fabrics and prints they translate high fashion trends into more modest styles.
Mecca Laalaa, Australia’s first female Muslim surf lifesaver. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Mecca Laalaa works as a health promotion officer in schools. In 2006 she became the first Muslim women surf lifesaver in Australia and in 2009 walked the Kokoda Track.
Fay Tellaoui (right) with model. Photo: Powerhouse Museum.
Fashion designer Fay Tellaoui’s eponymous boutique is on South Terrace Bankstown. Fay works with the traditional form of the abaya redesigned with a more fashionable silhouette and a focus on drape and textured fabrics.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aida Beautiful Zein!

Okio this is my Last post for tonight!
Introducing Aida's New Collection!!
It's very Bright & Vibrant!!

 want the floral vest!!

 mmmmm floral & mint!!!

check her out on FB: Aida Zein
instore Ninety9 by Aida Zein
Centro Bankstown
Shop ML407, Level 2
next to St George Bank

iA i've given you plenty ideas for Eid Ladiez!

Peace & Love


The two gorgeous sisters have done it again!!
check out there NEW yummy collection!

Mmmmmmm i'm Lovin it!!

Check them out on FB: Integrity Boutique
Integrity Boutique
Centro Bankstown
near Target.