Friday, April 27, 2012


Salams All,
Well as you all know Me & My Blog are featuring at
the Powerhouse Museum Australia
And i Have 2 spare tickets to go to the opening of
Faith Fashion Fusion!
So you and a friend can come meet me and
everyone else who's participated in the exhibition! (hehehe)
To enter you must live in Sydney :(
and be available on the 5th May 2012!
And all you have to do is Comment on the bottom saying
"Fashion Faith Fusion ME!!"
you guys have until the 3rd May!!!
So quick enter!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My silent tutorial lol

this is what the hijab will look like..
a hoody sorta! :)
click the pic to ENJOY
a newdo..

imaan & beauty review

Salams All,
So a few weeks ago
(yes im very delayed!)
i recieved my first IMAAN & BEAUTY scarf
and i must say this...
i love this scarf so much,
i wore it out for a whole week straight!
i loved getting complements on how pretty the scarf looks on me..
(well that's what i think they were saying...or were they just talking about the scarf hrrrmm?) lol

Anywhos i got the 
African Spring Blue Scarf

Day One - At home. lol

Day Two - The inlaws house

Day Three - Playland with the kids

Day Four - Dinner with the girls.

Day five six & seven... no photos :( mah bad!
but you get my drift! heheheh

The scarf is so big!
it's about 2m i think...
so you can do so much with it!
which is good for coverage!
and i don't have my hubby saying to me every 5 seconds..
"your hair!"
"what's this?"
*while pointing at my neck or shoulders

i don't know what else to say except!
buy buy buy!!

they don't sell on fb anymore
so go here to shop
and here to like

i know i will!