Thursday, June 28, 2012

Indonesia They Coming For You!

Salams All,
If You live in Indonesia Or 
are Going to Indonesia during July 14-15th 
Then you can go to this awesome event held by Dian Pelangi!!!

There will be alot of Special Guest like...

do you know...
Hanna & Fifi (Casa Elana/HijabScarf)???

arrrgghhh i wanna go *cries* 
pray for me that my husband surprisingly 
buys me a ticket to indonesia for this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G event!!! lol
Anyone want to sponsor me?? :)

P.S. Dian Can you make something like this in Sydney?

xoxo MSF

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dina Tag MSF

My First Tag!
wuuuuu tanx Sister D!

xoxo MSF

Thursday, June 21, 2012

National Dress Like Dina Day MSF Style!

Salams i don't know why but theres two versions of this lol so heres one!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Like Any Of These Scarves??

If you like any of them I'm selling them on 
Check it out!!

buy two scarves and get a free gift! 

xoxo MSF

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day HFW

Salams All!!
Day 7 (delayed by 5-6days) mahh bad!
Style crush & try mirror them!
well the reason this took me so long is because 
i couldn't choose one!
so i ended up randomly picking one and 
Queenova to mirror!

sorry bad pic quality 
its late and haffy's asleep and 
didn't want to make too much noise with the self timer :)

So this is her look 
taken from her Day 2 Fav Hijab.

and here is my Mirror foto(s).

I'm wearing:
Dian Pelangi Tie Dye Scarf
 the Markets Tie Dye Bat wing Cardigan
Casa Elena Sakura Pants

until next HFW

xoxo MSF

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Salams All,
Are You an 
Stalker Fan like i am ?
Wish you had, what she was wearing??
well guess what.. you can!! YEY!!!
she has an online store on ASOS Marketplace.
with very limited items, but post new items on (nearly) daily
So what are you waiting for click now!!!

i know what I'm going to buy! :)
xoxo MSF

Sunday, June 3, 2012

HFW Day 6: Date Night

Salams All,
So im so lost it's already day 6 
but in half n hour it'll be day 7! OMG.
so its date night...
the only date night i get these days is... 
when me and my husband go out to 
the supermarket or petrol station hahaha 
but we did recently go on a date for our 4year anniversary,
we just went to watch a movie and 
i wore something close to these outfit!! LOL
sorry for the bad quality pix.

 Thats how much taller my hubby is lol.

Scarf: MSF  Inc 'Rawrr At Me'
Long Sleeve Maxi Dress: That Shop That I Can't Remember. lol
Jumper: Witchery

Husband Wears:
Chicago Bulls Hoodie
Jordan Tracksuit Pants

xoxo MSF

Saturday, June 2, 2012

HFW Day 5 Special Occasion.

Salams All,
I'm sorry it's late!
i had to wait for my new laptop!!
Anywhos today is Day 5 theme Special Occasion.
My Special Occasion would be
when i went to the opening exhibition of
at the Power House Museum.
(Go check out the exhibition)

Scarf: MSF Inc (check it out here)
Top: Gift from V.
Belt: forgot lol
Skirt: 10$ Asian Store
Wedges: Rubi

xoxo MSF 

Friday, June 1, 2012

HFW Day 4: Travel Destination

 "Calling All MSF Peps
Flight 3-2-1 to Anywhere is Boarding!"

LOL Sorry Lame!
Any whos My destination would be (iA)
then my Fav Country (iA) JAPAN!!
then (iA) Morocco
then anywhere else!
And whenever i'm about to board a plane somewhere
i like to wear comfortable, loose and 
easy access for the baby (if your under stand lol) clothing!
 So here's my look. :)

Scarf: Maysaa Snood
Top: Gift from Dina
Cardigan: Gift from my friend
Pants: Harem Pants from the Bondi Markets
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Bag: Primark Gift from Dina.
Sunglasses: Cotton On

xoxo MSF