Monday, September 27, 2010

its me.

Hey Hey! Im Back from my mini Eid Holiday!
i hope everyone had a blast!
i know i gained abit from all the eating at peoples house's!
yummm food!!!

Well as u can see there's a video above!
that's me! wuhuuuuu..
thanks to the awesome tariq from hijab house,
he let me be in this interview!
mind you i sound like the biggest bimbo!
hope you guys enjoy!!!!
muslimstreetfashion girl! LOL

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pretty Eid Dresses!

i want to see what everybody wore for eid!!
send me a picture of you or your friends on eid!!

What i wore to eid!

i didn't take any fotos!
i was always behind the camera!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Okio so i have nothing to wear for eid
the abaya that i wanted is sold out
so now i either go to the shopping centre
scrummage threw my waredrobe!

Ohhhhhhhhhh im so sad i have nothing to wear!
maybe i should just wear glad wrap n some foil?? LOL

So what is everyone else wearing??
Send ur pix!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vela Scraves!

Fish Scale Pleat
$35.00 US

Black Ruffle Prima Ballerina
$35.00 US

Valiant Violet
$37.00 US

Gray Fringe
$25.00 US

Girls the long wait is now over!!
VELA scarves has now launched their new website
with their new range of scarves!!
They're so yummy i want them all!!
check it out!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Work ( it ) Wear!

Hijab House Summer Collection is out now!!

waiting to see the new collection..

the beautiful ladies waiting patiently..

My soon to be Eid Abaya!! hehe <3

i wish this was my wall so pretty and colourful!


Signature H

Today Hijab House released their the new summer collection!
i was very excited to go, thinking that if i'd come early i would get what i wanted...
boy was i wrong hehehe
i forget the women in this area are very quick!! hehe
But it's all good!
Being the stalker i am with that shop,
i went in & out about 3-4 times always coming in with someone new hehehe
And the 4th time i came in Tarik (one of the owners) says "There she is!"
Me being the lost person i am...i was like huh what did i do?? lol
he asked me if i could answer some questions for the guy from Sunrise (Simon Reeve)
and i said "Yes!"
but i noe i didn't do a good job..why??
cause when he asked me a question
i dont think i even answered it
i was thinking too much about the camera
starring straight at my face lol
iA i did a good job!
So Hijab House you should be proud of yourself
you've come so far and
i just want to thank you for making my blog look good!!
Enjoy the picz!