Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dian Pelangi Down Under!!

Salams All
ahem...sorry couldn't hold it in lol

So i was on the most addictive app 
(add me if you haven't already :)
and i see someone tagged me on
a pic of Dian Pelangi and LuLu in Melbourne!!
And my heart stopped 
and my first instinct was to buy a ticket to melbourne! LOL
So i started to read all the comment and wow
she's having a fashion show in melbourne!
at the Sofitel!!
i'd love to get invited to these things..
but don't know how??
any other bloggers have any tips for me??
would love to know!!

At Dian & Lulu if i don't see you in australia 
inshaAllah i'll see you in indonesia!!
would love to interview you both!

For All you guys who don't know who they are..
Shame on you! LOL JOKES! 
they're inspirations!
here's a link 

the foto that got all sydney siders wishing they were living in melbourne!

Me in my favorite Outfit on a Hot day!
Dp: Tie Dye Scarf!
Dp: Harem Pants!

Also instead of a white long sleeve top
i like to switch it up with a stripe top!

anyways i shall leave you with haffy in a world of dp scarves!!