Monday, January 31, 2011

My wedding day...3 Years ago lol

Was a beautiful day!

waiting to come in.

Yey! we matched that day!!
he told me he was wearing gold n white!
but Allhamdullilah he didn't!

wonder what he was thinking...

me signing my life away...while my husband laughs!

the celebrant! Bilal Dannoun aka billy d's!

my family

my husbands family
( multicultural family )

just 1/4 of the guest waiting in line to eat
i had about 700ppl just at the nikah.

question for all the married ladies...
does ur hubby like wearing the wedding ring coz my hubby doesn't :(

LOL so stiff!

check out the bling! LOL

i look like i need to pee! hehe

Well i just wanted to share my beautiful wedding day
with you guys since we're like family now!
Yes it was three years ago but it felt like just yesterday hehehehe

Any who's just alil background info on the outfit!
i bought the material in Bandung Indonesia and
got it made in Jakarta Indonesia
My own desgin!
Simple & Sweet!!!
My hubby im not sure where his outfit came from
coz he told me he was wearing gold n white till this day i still don't know hahahha

Hope you enjoyed it!

Hijab House's new looks!

a lady who bought all these pretty things!!

i bought the khaki grey jersey abaya
and a pretty brown belt with a bow on it!!

i shall take a photo next time i wear it!

Just call me Mc Preggers..

Is it just me or do celebrities have the quickest pregnancys?? lol
anyways here are some pictures off celebs
wearing clothes that could be
hijabified for all you preggers out there..
btw do any of you pregnant
ladies have any styling tips? :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Power House Museum Interview!

Friday 21st January 2011 i had an interview
with 2 beautiful ladies from the powerhouse museum!
it was going okio until i started to think about what i was doing
and then i got all nervous till the point i couldnt even put words together
to answer some very simple questions! lol
but Allhamdullilah my bestfriend sarah
and my sister inlaw suada were there to save me!!

heheh i dragged them into the interview too!!
i'v realised im not very good at answering questions under pressure! lol
as one of the ladies said im a more visual person!
which i TOTALLY AGREE WITH!! hehehe
But Allhamdullilah i hope all went well
and i cant wait for the exhibition!!

All and all i had an awesome time!
everybody was so nice!!

here are some pictures of me being interviewed! ekkk

Friday, January 21, 2011


A new and beautiful site that sells
very beautiful flowy abayas
from everyday wear to a night out in the town!

Check'em out.

H.H's New Collection Preview!

hijab house.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dian Pelangi

This is Dian Pelangi not only is she very stylish!
She is also a very talented Fashion Designer.

Check out her personal blog!