Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Power House Museum Interview!

Friday 21st January 2011 i had an interview
with 2 beautiful ladies from the powerhouse museum!
it was going okio until i started to think about what i was doing
and then i got all nervous till the point i couldnt even put words together
to answer some very simple questions! lol
but Allhamdullilah my bestfriend sarah
and my sister inlaw suada were there to save me!!

heheh i dragged them into the interview too!!
i'v realised im not very good at answering questions under pressure! lol
as one of the ladies said im a more visual person!
which i TOTALLY AGREE WITH!! hehehe
But Allhamdullilah i hope all went well
and i cant wait for the exhibition!!

All and all i had an awesome time!
everybody was so nice!!

here are some pictures of me being interviewed! ekkk

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  1. hii i really like the way you style your shawl. can you do a tutorial on it?


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