Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i love Bankstown! lol

Does she look familiar to you aussie's??
it's Miss Universe!
let me know your thoughts!

Well don't to Rebecca Kay!
and they shopped at
Integrity-Boutique Sydney
Check'em out!

Monday, March 26, 2012

MAYSAA review!!

 Salams All!
Well last week in the mail i got a present from Maysaa...
(well actually i bought it lol)
 Anyways..I've been wanting the navy snood for awhile now
but the postage was always stopping me from buying it!
But one night a few weeks ago i went on the Maysaa site and saw they had new tees!
and was like drooling coz it was so me!! 
i thought about it and was like naahhh i wont get it
coz the postage is nearly the same price as the snood,
so i went on lookbook and i saw like 3 ppl wearing the snood!
i was like, is this a sign??
So me being me i did take it as a sign and bought it!!!! ahhahaha
and i don't regret it one bit!!!
< I got The Navy Snood & The Chain Print Long Sleeved Tee >

When i opened it i was like 
so simple but so elegant (the snood
and i put it on straight away! 
it was so awesome coz it had a zip 
which is way more easier and time consuming then the ninja/headress inner scarf things
the material was thin but not see thru which makes it more awesome!
it just felt really good on my head hehehe

Then i opened the tee...*drools*

 it looks like a normal black long sleeve top..
its not! 
the print is a hand drawn sketch ink that was printed on to the top,
then on the inside (the pic on the bottom)
they stitched a line of velvet around the inside of the neckline..
which feels nice when u put it on!
i love lil details!
and i loved Hana's sister pictures :)
MashaAllah Hana and her sister are gorgeous!

Well here's a pic of me wearing the snood and tee!
i don't look as pretty as the models on the site but
im trying hard LOL

Don't forget to Spend Your Money on the beautiful things on Maysaa!
i was a full to not buy sooner! :p

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hijabi Threads Review!

Salams All,
How are we all
InshaAllah in good health!
Well recently i got a message from Hijabi Threads
asking to look at their fb page...
so i did...
and i ended up buying a scarf lol
Sister 'R' was very quick and helpful with all the questions i asked her!
within a day of asking, i sent my money and she posted the scarf!
i was seriously surprised at how quick it took!
(coz i ordered something from the UK 
and it just came today, after two weeks...
i'll blog about that tommorrow :) )
and the postage was really cheap too!
Anywho's enough about the postage!
when i got it from the postman i was very excited to open it twas very pretty packaging!
so pretty i didn't really want to rip it hahaha
eventually after opening,
this beautiful smell kicked in and i was like wow what is that...
it was my scarf!!
Not only was it beautiful it smelt beautiful!
(i wish i had smellavision so u could smell it hrmmmmmm)
i LOVE the scarf coz its so big and long,
that you could wrap it around your head a few times!
the print is awesome! 
the feel is soft and light
So when you wear it it's not heavy!
i chose this scarf coz i don't have this colour blue 
and i love zebra prints! hehehe
can't wait to get more!!

well here are some fotos of me 
wearing my scarf two different ways!
Thank You Hijabi Threads!
Can't wait till my next purchase!!
be sure you check them out on facebook!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Wanna say hi!

Salams! Hi!!
i just came back from a masquerade fundraiser and wanted to share with you my ....
MASK lol
i was so close to winning (i sat next to the girl who won hehehe)
oh well next time iA! ciao!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bag Drool!

I've been drooling at this YSL Cabas Chyc Bag 
since i saw it on my trip to Indonesia!
i regret not buying it...
but now...
what colour??

Look what came in the mail...ME!

Salams Beauties!
Well i got this in the mail last week!
but yes im posting it now,
only coz iv been busy going out everyday hehehhe
Anywho's this was from when me and my friends
went to the photo shoot at the powerhouse museum!!
how super exciting!!
well i am anyways! lol

Monday, March 5, 2012

idea's please!

Salams All,
Well i wanted to put something on my blog 
but didn't know what to do...
So guys help me out!
What do you want to see more of me do?
i'll do just about anything?
eg. by a whole outfit for less then 50$?
 So Comment!