Thursday, July 30, 2015


Salams All!
Today i wanted to talk about something very exciting!! 

A world first concept has arrived ready to change the modest marketplace: A travelling modesty boutique inspired by the ancient Silk Road arriving in your city soon!  The Modesty Caravan!

So how does the caravan work?

The Modesty Caravan is a travelling boutique that has a plethora of modest labels on board.  The caravan is a shopping concept that will pop up a boutique in different cities around the world taking the mix of global products with it.  Our brands include fashion, homewares, art, cosmetics, accessories, music, books and artisan foods especially curated to appeal to the halal consumer.  

All our on-board brands have a high standard of quality, design ethic and modesty.  The look and feel of the caravan is beautiful and will create a sense of exotic wonder when it arrives in a city.  The boutique will be set up as a fully curated integrated lifestyle boutique.  All labels and products will be merchandised by a professional stylist.

The caravan will arrive as a pop up for a weekend only in each city as it travels around the world.  This will create a sense of urgency to attend and become a key anticipated event on the modest fashion calendar.  Each caravan will be hosted/opened by a special guest blogger, designer or celebrity creating a further entertainment facet for the event.  The first day of the caravan’s arrival is a VIP only event giving these ticket holders access to the caravan first.  This is followed by an open shopping day for all other customers.

“Our dream is for the caravan to be a place of love and creative sharing as per what The Prophet Mohammad would have experienced when travelling with his own caravan selling goods.” “The process of meeting the artisans for the first time and touching product we otherwise only see online is the reason I wanted to do this.  It’s a luxury to hold and feel things these days” says one of the founders Eisha Saleh.

The business is a board of 4.  Made up of designers, business entrepreneurs, events planners and stylists.  

The first journey takes off on the 22nd August in Sydney Australia with plans to arrive in Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.  

So What are you waiting for Sydney Peeps!!
There will be a Very Special Guest coming to our launch iA 

For VIP Tickets email 

VIP Tickets include
- Entry
- Drink on Arrival
- Lunch
- Goodie Bag
- First Dibs on shopping

Hope this helps.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eid Mubarak!

Salams All!

How was your Eid Day?? Mine was raining...cold...wet!! But allhamdullilah spent it with family!
So what did you wear for this special day? Me i was tossing up between wearing my brand 'Delina' or wearing someone else brand? hahahaha oh the troubles.
So what did i choose? 'Delina' ofcourse!!
I picked the 'Pretty Paisley' Dress because its part of my new autumn collection and i know no one would be wearing the same thing as me! :)
I paired 'PP' up with my mums poncho and my fav heels!! The dress is amazing (if i do say so myself) it flows so nicely, not see thru, has pockets on both sides, breastfeeding friendly and has easy zip sleeves (to make wuduh life easier) teeheee...anyways heres some pictures for ya!!

Eid Mubarak.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Salam Again!

Today is just a quick post. Gotta hang up the Eid decos (while the kids are asleep)

Last week i was featured on BUZZFEED!! OMG! BUZZ-FEED!!
It was for '18 Badass Australian Bloggers!!'

OMG I'm on the same page as Margaret Zhang (girl crushing)

I woke up not so happy till i went on fb and my friend tagged me on this post and i was like...
*jaw dropped to the floor* became a happy day after that lol hahaha

Well this is my second time on buzzfeed (hehe) Thanks Buzzfeed!! Love ya..

Check Out the first time i was on Buzzfeed here. '12 Muslims who crushed it tin 2014'

Okio gtg
Love From
xoxo MSF

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Love Struck by Diana Kotb

Salams All,

Hope you're all doing well. Can you believe its already the last 10 days of Ramadan :( iA we are all taking advantage of the last few days!

Well On Saturday i was lucky enough to go to the exclusive Diana Kotb Pop Up Store!
As soon as we walked into the building, the first thing i said was "LOOK ITS THE DOOR!!" lol

Anyway i went there with my friend to help her pick out a few things...and MY OH My was it gorgeous inside. It was in a studio but set up so well. Then after Oohing and Ahhhing i saw Diana and she was wearing this gorgeous top (so sad i didn't take a photo with her)
So i tried to find it and then i came across it,  picked it up, tried it...and i didn't want to take it off...LOL i stood in the changed room with my friend for atleast 30mins wearing the shirt hahahah
(even had time for a selfie.)
it was Instant LoveSo i bought it! and thats that!

Diana Kotb is a gorgeous and very welcoming person! She has a lot of experience in the Fashion industry working for a lot of Australian Fashion Designers and working at Marie Claire Magazine for four years! So she defiantly knows what she's doing!
Her pieces are unique, elegant and everything you want in clothes lol

Check her out on Diana Kotb You will fall in LOVE with her designs especially her video campaigns! Here's a few pictures of the pop up shop and a few of me wearing The Vicereine Blouse.

 photo taken by raf

Love from

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shea had me at hello.

Salams All,

Told you i'd be back! hehehe
Hows everyones fasting going? iA all well.

So today I'm going to review a beautiful dress by one of my fav Malaysian sisters!! Shea Rasol aka (if you don't know who she is...then where have you been peoples!)

The gorgeous dress is called Fiora! and if you don't know me, I'm not a pastel kinda girl...i kinda dislike but when i saw this dress i literally was drooling!!! it's soo pretty!! i had to have it!!
So i asked le hubby..."ummm can i get an early Eid present!" and le rest was history!! hahaha
About a week later i received Fiora!! My oh my isn't she a beaut! it came beautifully packaged.
As soon as i put it on, i knew it was love! the material is so soft and light, made from Japanese Cotton! The sizing is perfect..except for the length..(which is always a problem coz I'm so short!) but it wasn't a problem any high heels couldn't fix!! 
The dress has zippers on the arms (which is so in trend for long dresses right now (check out my new dresses lol) ) which makes it easy for wuduh,the dress is fully lined except sleeves but isn't an issue.
It has a cap sleeve,which i love love love!! It has a ribbon that can be tied up, I tied mine at the front to make a pretty bow! The dress made me feel so girly! (which I'm not haha)

The price and shipping is very reasonable! So if your into pastels you should defiantly check out