Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Salam Again!

Today is just a quick post. Gotta hang up the Eid decos (while the kids are asleep)

Last week i was featured on BUZZFEED!! OMG! BUZZ-FEED!!
It was for '18 Badass Australian Bloggers!!'

OMG I'm on the same page as Margaret Zhang (girl crushing)

I woke up not so happy till i went on fb and my friend tagged me on this post and i was like...
*jaw dropped to the floor* became a happy day after that lol hahaha

Well this is my second time on buzzfeed (hehe) Thanks Buzzfeed!! Love ya..

Check Out the first time i was on Buzzfeed here. '12 Muslims who crushed it tin 2014'

Okio gtg
Love From
xoxo MSF

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