Thursday, July 30, 2015


Salams All!
Today i wanted to talk about something very exciting!! 

A world first concept has arrived ready to change the modest marketplace: A travelling modesty boutique inspired by the ancient Silk Road arriving in your city soon!  The Modesty Caravan!

So how does the caravan work?

The Modesty Caravan is a travelling boutique that has a plethora of modest labels on board.  The caravan is a shopping concept that will pop up a boutique in different cities around the world taking the mix of global products with it.  Our brands include fashion, homewares, art, cosmetics, accessories, music, books and artisan foods especially curated to appeal to the halal consumer.  

All our on-board brands have a high standard of quality, design ethic and modesty.  The look and feel of the caravan is beautiful and will create a sense of exotic wonder when it arrives in a city.  The boutique will be set up as a fully curated integrated lifestyle boutique.  All labels and products will be merchandised by a professional stylist.

The caravan will arrive as a pop up for a weekend only in each city as it travels around the world.  This will create a sense of urgency to attend and become a key anticipated event on the modest fashion calendar.  Each caravan will be hosted/opened by a special guest blogger, designer or celebrity creating a further entertainment facet for the event.  The first day of the caravan’s arrival is a VIP only event giving these ticket holders access to the caravan first.  This is followed by an open shopping day for all other customers.

“Our dream is for the caravan to be a place of love and creative sharing as per what The Prophet Mohammad would have experienced when travelling with his own caravan selling goods.” “The process of meeting the artisans for the first time and touching product we otherwise only see online is the reason I wanted to do this.  It’s a luxury to hold and feel things these days” says one of the founders Eisha Saleh.

The business is a board of 4.  Made up of designers, business entrepreneurs, events planners and stylists.  

The first journey takes off on the 22nd August in Sydney Australia with plans to arrive in Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.  

So What are you waiting for Sydney Peeps!!
There will be a Very Special Guest coming to our launch iA 

For VIP Tickets email 

VIP Tickets include
- Entry
- Drink on Arrival
- Lunch
- Goodie Bag
- First Dibs on shopping

Hope this helps.

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