Sunday, March 23, 2014


Salams Me Again!

If you are interested in buying something from my line.
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heres a little sneak for ya lazy bums!! lol

Love from

Langston Hues in Sydney.

Im so so sorry for neglecting you bloggy!!
Im doing too much and i just can't stop!
helping out with my friends wedding,
trying to launch my new brand and design,
doing fashion shows/stalls and all that jazz!
But Allhamdullilah today i am home and I'm going to blog blog blog!!!iA

So for the past month Allhamdullilah i got to do a few stalls and shows! i also got to attend a fashion forum featuring Langston Hues!!! And also got selected to shoot with the awesome brother Langston for his book Modest Street Fashion!

got to meet and make new friends at the shoot!!

Langston Thank you letting Sydney be part of your book!!
May these book bring you a lot of success!!

The Other MSF!

Sunday, February 2, 2014



Wow MashaAllah i didnt realise I've been m.i.a for so long!

Allhamdullilah a lot has happened to me since then I've met a lot of bloggers/models/fashion designers in indonesia... 
Dian Pelangi, AsciaSheaNurulLuLu and many many more!

i started my own muslim fashion line called 'HAiiNA'.

Had a few fashion shoots!

Had 2-3 Fashion shows! (who knew it was so hectic having a show with the top australian muslim designers)

Had a Baby Girl....

And just yesterday Attended WORLD HIJAB DAY at pitt street!

What have you been up to lovelies!! 

Soft Opening & Fashion Show in Bdg.

                                                                 At Sisterhood 2013

First Photoshoot! (Awesome team)

                                                            First Fashion Show.

Second Fashion Shoot

                           Third Fashion Shoot


At World Hijab Day Sydney, Pitt Street Mall

Baby Inayah.


Sunday, June 30, 2013


Salams All,
Just a quick post about something very very very exciting!!
Are you always googling "hijab friendly fashion" "hijab fashion sites" 
Well now you don't have too
there's a new site launching, 
Called SORA
They're based in Brisbane, Australia

SORA is a new and exciting multi-brand fashion website that caters for trendy, 
fashionable and chic Muslim women in Australia.  
The purpose of their website is to collaborate local and international hijab friendly designers 
so they are all under the one roof.   
Now you can simply go to 
and be instantly updated on the latest hijab friendly designs, brands, and trends.  
They have some of the top international hijab brands including 
Mimpikita, Suri & Lana and ....It's a secret!!
They have cheaper shipping, faster delivery, 
and ease of correspondence.
And for 2 days after they launch they will be offering 
FREE SHIPPING!!! Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu

So make sure JULY 4TH
You're Free!!!
To shop and enjoy free shipping!!!