Thursday, April 20, 2017


Salams All,

Hiiii How are you all? I hope you are all in good health. So you know how much i love sunglasses... if you don't, then where have you been? Recently i got sent a beauty, she's gorgeous! If i do say so myself. She's from a company called Winkwood who are based in Melbourne.

The sunglasses i got, she's called Dessert Rose. She is 
carved from a durable redwood with a sandy white finish and the detail on her is, what makes it stand out! They've carved little flower on the lower frame. Talk about details!! The lenses are pink/orange hybrid UV-400,they are tested to reflect or filter out 99% of UVA and UVB light, with wavelengths up to 400 nano metres (UV400) which provides you with maximum protection, when you start to feel the heat. She also comes with a cleaning cloth and a gorgeous matching carved wooden storage box

I recently went to Melbourne for an event and thought, this would be a great opportunity to wear these sunglasses (because everyone is so trendy there). As i put them on, i thought i'd be seeing pink & orange people because of the lens. LOL was i wrong. It was clear as day! It's amazingly light weight and feels like your not wearing anything at all, until you walk into somewhere dark and ask "WHY IS IT SO DARK IN HERE?" (true story). And want to hear another amazing fact about these sunnies...They can float on water! So if you ever go to the beach and that wave hits you out of nowhere and knock the glasses right off your face, you won't need to worry!

So how would you like to win a pair of sunglasses from WINKWOOD? find out how after the pictures!

To enter the competition all you have to do is click

You have until 3rd MAY 2017 at 12pm. GOOD LUCK!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wardah Fashion Journey

Salams All,

On Sunday the 19th of March, I got invited to attend a very special event in Melbourne hosted by Wardah and Amara. What a fun event it was! We all got to meet two famous Indonesian designers, Dian Pelangi and Barli Asmara, alongside our very own Stephanie Kurlow, 'The first hijabi ballerina'.

The event took place at a restaurant called 'The Botanical' in the 'Archer Room', what a STUNNING room it was! The day started with us all greeting each other, some new and some we already knew, even some from Sydney! Then we all sat around this gorgeous table that was covered in flowers, while canap├ęs were being served (YUM!). Then Dian and Barli talked about styling and how to dress modest we also got a hijab tutorial by Dian, she showed us how to do a turban style, also reminding us to wear a ninja (hair and neck cover) under. We also got a hijab tutorial by the Haya Atelier, Reyyan showed us how to do the cross over look and how to contour (using our hijab LOL love it)

After that, lunch was served (thinking about what I got is making me hungry! LOL).We either got gnocchi, sauce vierge, shaved fennel & green olives OR roast hapuka, olive crumb, cauliflower, caper beurre blanc (which I got YUMMMM!). We also got triple cooked chips and cos lettuce & mustard dressing to share! (someone feed me!).

When everyone finished eating and the table was cleared, we got to our next part of the event and it was to learn how to make a fascinator using fresh flowers. Our teacher was Puteri, who is a floral designer for Fleurations, and Ella, who was her helper for the day! This part was very fun, stressful (LOL), but mostly fun! We learnt how to use the parafilm (green tape) properly (...pull and twist, pull and twist) and also how to use the wire on different flowers (can't remember for the life of me what they were called...hook?? Puterrriiii help LOL). Some of the girls were just naturally good at making them (coughs *Subhi and Reyyan*). As for me, I knew what I wanted but my brain would not let it happen. Maybe because I'm not a girly girl? So while everyone made fascinators, I turned mine into a corsage (even Barli agreed that it shouldn't be on my head LOL).

After that, we all took photos and mingled while dessert and hot beverages were served! (dammn that dessert was good! I'm crying! You will see what I mean soon in the pic below.)
All in all it was a gorgeous day and I can't wait till the Sydney one (iA).
I also had the pleasure of interviewing some of the designers and will be posting it soon in a new part of my blog called "1 min (maybe 3) with..." so be on the lookout for them!

Would you be interested to have something like this here in Sydney? Comment or DM me to let me know and I shall make it happen!

Thanks for your time guys now here are some pictures for ya! Oh wait! before you go, i forgot to announce IT'S COMPETITION TIME!!!! Scroll down to see how to enter!

Competition Instructions:
One lucky reader will win (thanks to Wardah & Dian Pelangi) a Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream, EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Blackliner and a Scarf from Dian Pelangi's new collection! All you have to do is follow (@delmsf) like my recent instagram picture (competition picture) and comment below on my instagram or my blog with the words "i need that!" (winners will be randomly selected!) competition ends 26th Sunday March at 8pm est. Goodluck!

look out for this picture on my instagram

not all photos were taken by me.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Feelin' Blue...Denim Blue.

Salams All!

Hope you are all well! Today the weather has got me feeling moody, sleepy and i just want to stuff my face with fatty goodness! hahaha but since i'm too blue, i decided to post about my brand  'DELINA' and the new scarf collection! 'The Denim Collection' it's just a sneak peak of what is too come, which will be available soon.

Hope you enjoy!

Scarf : Delina
Bell Sleeve : Delina
Dress: Delina
Shoes: Adidas


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lottie London Brushes


Wow aren't you lucky, two post in one week! (lol) Hello again! Thank you for coming back. Hope you are all in good health. I was contacted a while ago by Lottie London to do a collaboration, which I was quite excited about. I wanted to expand my blog to a lifestyle blog but wasn't sure what angle to take, so this week it's all beauty related. First nail polish (previous post) and now here I am about to review my first makeup brush by Lottie London.

Lottie London sent me the 'Flawless Base Brush' and the 'Sundowner Set' (nail files). When I first received them I thought "how cute is the packaging so simple, but looks so good!", (if you don't know already I'm all about stripes) so when I saw the black and white stripes on the packaging, I knew this would be love! (and I hadn't even opened it yet hehe).

Once I opened the packet, I realised I forgot to take a pretty photo (sorry). But I was instantly over it when I touched the brush I was like "WOW that's so soft! hey, feel how soft this is! it's so soft hey? OMG it's so soft" (that's me talking to my kids while brushing their cute little faces with the brush).

So the very next day I decided to use it. I applied some foundation and brushed away. In my head I was thinking, oh wait it's going to leave those damn brush strokes... and to my SURPRISE it didn't! If anything, it smoothed it out and it was so easy to use! I felt like I wasn't even trying, it just glided on so nicely.

After using the brush I thought maybe I'll wash it and see how it holds up tomorrow. And again smooth brush strokes and felt like a breeze! The brush itself is very sturdy, it has a nice grip to it, also the bristles are tucked in nicely, so they don't come off easily. The colours on these brushes make me happy, not like your normal black or white set of brushes! They are affordable but feel like the expensive ones! Also they are cruelty free and vegan. So what better way then to start your new collection of brushes!!

I was also gifted with the Nail Filers which was easy to use because they were big enough to hold, and easy to file. It came in a pack of three with different colours on each filer. For the people who aren't sure how to file properly, it has the instructions on the back of the packaging (which I used teehee).

So as always I shall leave you with some pictures of me and the products and please do yourself a favour and get YO self some brushes and other stuff! If not for yourself, a loved one. They will definitely be pleased with the quality of it!! I know where I'll be shopping for more brushes!!!


Photos by: Fadhila Prabu