Friday, April 10, 2015

am i really back? hehehe

Salams All,
Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive
Anyways been busy working on my line...
busy with baby, who's not a baby anymore! :(
i do miss blogging but does everyone still read blogs these days?

heres alittle sneak peek at what I've been up too!


Monday, September 15, 2014

hiiiii im still alive!

Salams All
i'm sorry i haven't posted in like forever
but i've been busy being a mum lol and busy with my label!
iA ill be posting more and more!

Also a big Hi to whoever is reading this in the museums!!!!
'Faith Fashion Fusion' is still on guys!!

Anyways ill leave you with a few OOTDs of me! :)

 Love MSF

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Salams Me Again!

If you are interested in buying something from my line.
Click on the link on the sidebar that says LOOKBOOK

heres a little sneak for ya lazy bums!! lol

Love from

Langston Hues in Sydney.

Im so so sorry for neglecting you bloggy!!
Im doing too much and i just can't stop!
helping out with my friends wedding,
trying to launch my new brand and design,
doing fashion shows/stalls and all that jazz!
But Allhamdullilah today i am home and I'm going to blog blog blog!!!iA

So for the past month Allhamdullilah i got to do a few stalls and shows! i also got to attend a fashion forum featuring Langston Hues!!! And also got selected to shoot with the awesome brother Langston for his book Modest Street Fashion!

got to meet and make new friends at the shoot!!

Langston Thank you letting Sydney be part of your book!!
May these book bring you a lot of success!!

The Other MSF!