Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shea had me at hello.

Salams All,

Told you i'd be back! hehehe

Hows everyones fasting going? iA all well.

So today I'm going to review a beautiful dress by one of my fav Malaysian sisters!!
Shea Rasol aka
(if you don't know who she is...then where have you been peoples!)

The gorgeous dress is called Fiora!
and if you don't know me, I'm not a pastel kinda girl...
i kinda dislike
but when i saw this dress i literally was drooling!!!
its soo pretty!! i had to have it!!

So i asked le hubby...
"ummm can i get an early Eid present!"
and le rest was history!! hahaha

About a week later i received Fiora!!
My oh my isn't she a beaut!
it came beautifully packaged.

so pretty!
(i wish i took a better photo, but i just couldn't wait any longer lol)

As soon as i put it on, i knew it was love!
the material is so soft and light,
made from Japanese Cotton!
The sizing is perfect..
except for the length..
(which is always a problem coz I'm so short!)
but it wasn't a problem any high heels couldn't fix!! 

The dress has zippers on the arms
(which is so in trend for long dresses right now (check out my new dresses lol) )
which makes it easy for wuduh,
the dress is fully lined except sleeves but isn't an issue.
It has a cap sleeve,which i love love love!!
It has a ribbon that can be tied up
I tied mine at the front to make a pretty bow!
The dress made me feel so girly! (which I'm not haha)

The price and shipping is very reasonable!
so if your into pastels you should defiantly check out


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Salams To All!!
Firstly Ramadan Mubarak To You All.



No Really i want to go back to blogging, i do miss it!!
but its just so hard now with instagram and facebook in the way!
oh and 3 kids under 5! Allhamdullilah.

But i shall make it my duty to post atleast 2 times a week!

So starting off tonight!! wuuuhhuuu

I'd like to tell you about why i have been MIA! (missing in action) lol

A couple of years ago i started my own line called Haiina (pro: Hi-Ina)
but i feel alot of people didn't connect with the name.

It didn't really go anywhere further then my friends...

So Haiina decided to rebrand itself... so we changed it to

i have been working on this new baby for the past 6 months.
InshaAllah you guys like it!!
I've done a few collabs with Langston Hues.

And Allhamdullilah i have a little section in a POP UP Store in

(come visit 6/43 Heathcote Road Moorebank Australia)

I also have been working on a website, which you should be able to read the blog on.

but Yeah thats whats been happening in my life.
not much lol.

Hopefully i'll be back to doing reviews soon!
but for now here's a few Photos of Me 
wearing 'Delina' 
taken by Langston.

Hope You Enjoyed it! lol


Friday, April 10, 2015

am i really back? hehehe

Salams All,
Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive
Anyways been busy working on my line...
busy with baby, who's not a baby anymore! :(
i do miss blogging but does everyone still read blogs these days?

heres alittle sneak peek at what I've been up too!


Monday, September 15, 2014

hiiiii im still alive!

Salams All
i'm sorry i haven't posted in like forever
but i've been busy being a mum lol and busy with my label!
iA ill be posting more and more!

Also a big Hi to whoever is reading this in the museums!!!!
'Faith Fashion Fusion' is still on guys!!

Anyways ill leave you with a few OOTDs of me! :)

 Love MSF