Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This Celine Trapeze bag needs me!
the shoes too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Join in the fun!

Salams All,
how are we today?
iA we're well!
i wanted to share with you guys a new site!
This site is created by the readers for other readers LOL
Basically you can share Stories, Outfits, Fashion Tips...
They also have a LookBook section
which I've already contributed too hehhehe
All you have to do is start an account and
you can start posting away!

They're also having a competition for the launch of their site!!
you win a capster!! wuuuuu i've already entered hahahha


Blog of the Week!

This Girl is just too cute!
Meet Dwi Larasati Putri
the Blog owner of
Colorful World!

She not affarid of dressing differently, 
she has her own unique style,
which she pulls of really well!
and that's why i think she deserves to be


Her blog:
Colorful World

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Outfits in Indonesia

 went on a becah ride with the kids.

 went to the Dian Pelangi Store in Bandung!

 Got a sparkly new Zara top!

 went to a theme park inside the mall.

 Just came hoem from some where?

 went to a cute restaurant inside a clothes store!

 What i wore to part one of my cousins wedding!

 What i wore to part two of my cousins wedding!

What i wore to part three of my cousins wedding!

Rafs first time on a motorbike!

 When Haffy meet Aunty Hanna's (from Hijab Scarf) baby Kirana 

At the hotel in Jakarta!

 Me at the end of the trip in the airport!


im soooo sooo sooo sorry iv been missing!
Please forgive me!
i just came back from another holiday,
to Indonesia.
Will post pix soon!
but for now here is my new fav foto
of my very creative friend!