Sunday, June 30, 2013


Salams All,
Just a quick post about something very very very exciting!!
Are you always googling "hijab friendly fashion" "hijab fashion sites" 
Well now you don't have too
there's a new site launching, 
Called SORA
They're based in Brisbane, Australia

SORA is a new and exciting multi-brand fashion website that caters for trendy, 
fashionable and chic Muslim women in Australia.  
The purpose of their website is to collaborate local and international hijab friendly designers 
so they are all under the one roof.   
Now you can simply go to 
and be instantly updated on the latest hijab friendly designs, brands, and trends.  
They have some of the top international hijab brands including 
Mimpikita, Suri & Lana and ....It's a secret!!
They have cheaper shipping, faster delivery, 
and ease of correspondence.
And for 2 days after they launch they will be offering 
FREE SHIPPING!!! Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu

So make sure JULY 4TH
You're Free!!!
To shop and enjoy free shipping!!!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

I know, I know...

Salams All,
I hope you're all in good health!
I know I said I'd be back but so much has happened to me 
this pass month and now I'm in Indonesia!! Lol

So when I get back iA i'll be doing a review W by Wiwid,
What I did in Melbourne when I saw the lovely Dian Pelangi 
and the beautiful Ozzie muslim blogger!!
And many more!

But for the time being 
if I have time n good Internet connection!
I'll do some OOTD
Indonesian clothing reviews!!!
IA by the time I get back Hoem my collection will be ready to buy!! 
Please make doa everything runs smoothly!!
Also I want to try and bring some wardah makeup back to resell
Let me know if your interested!!



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artizara Review

 Salams All,
Allhamdulillah a few weeks ago Artizara 
was kind enough to send me some beautiful pieces!!
First of all Artizara are the leading e-tailer of women's designer 
Islamic fashion based out of California. 
They were one of the first companies to enter the online 
Islamic clothing sphere and have served thousands of customers 
worldwide for over ten years.
MashaAllah 10 years!!! wuuuuu

So the first piece i received is this 
gorgeous long blue chiffon tunic 
(click on the pic for the link)
its so light and easy to wear! 
its long enough to wear pants with if you're not a skirt person.
The detailing is so pretty from top to bottom,i loved it! 

The second piece i received was the beautiful skirt!!!
It has a tribal embroidery which makes the skirt pop a little!
it also has a half belt with is attached to the skirt which i thought was cute!
Since I'm so short i had to make this into a high waisted skirt! lol
hence why its up so high!!

Competition time!!!!
Artizara have been kind enough to give one lucky reader a $50.00 voucher
not only do they sell woman's clothing they sell mens clothing, kids clothing, artworks...
the list goes on!!
So to win all you have to do is
"LIKE" their Facebook Artizara
and "SHARE" it on your Facebook 
and once completed comment below saying 
your Facebook name n write DONE!!!
competition ends 16th June 2013.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guess Who's Coming Back To Melbourne???

Salams Babydolls & Babadolls (LOL??)
The YIMSA Organization 
have organized a SOUQ!!
Where there will be different stalls selling various things! 
also i heard SORAYYA will be there selling 
her new beautiful collection!!! *drools*
YES... Dian Pelangi 
the rainbow queen herself
will be there 
& doing a fashion show!! 
So excited!!!

Also Comedian 

Khaled Khalafalla 

will be there too!!

So Ladies & Gents if you haven't bought your tickets yet....


now....what to wear?? #firstworldproblem lol



Friday, May 3, 2013

Im Back! i Promise!! iA!!!

Salams All!
im sorry i've been m.i.a!
i have been busy designing, sewing etc
also i sold my dlsr 
so i have nothing to take photos with...
beside my iphone :/
but alas i have bought myself a little camera
to fill in that gap in my life, for now! (Canon S110
and i will start taking photos iA!!
Also i have alot of reviews (allhamdulillah) i have to review! 

So iA that will be up in the next week!!
Also have a competition!

So for now here is one of my fav youtube channels
who have helped me on my recent video
and i've helped in one or two videos of theres!!

Here's my fav!

ur welcome :)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SKANTS Day to Night

Morning Look

Afternoon Look

 Night Look

How do you wear your SKANTS??

Salams All,
I'm sorry i haven't posted in awhile 
but I've been busy holidaying (lol) 
and business things! 
iA i'll be more on top of it!!

So what are Skants i hear you say??
Skirt + Pants = Skants.

They are comfy,modest and go with anything you wear!
i practically live in them!!

check out the video!

If you are interested in a pair 
email me on:
with the subject saying "Skants"
i have very limited stock
So Be Quick!!

$15.00 - $25.00 AUD
(not including shipping,i ship world wide)

xoxo msf