Friday, May 3, 2013

Im Back! i Promise!! iA!!!

Salams All!
im sorry i've been m.i.a!
i have been busy designing, sewing etc
also i sold my dlsr 
so i have nothing to take photos with...
beside my iphone :/
but alas i have bought myself a little camera
to fill in that gap in my life, for now! (Canon S110
and i will start taking photos iA!!
Also i have alot of reviews (allhamdulillah) i have to review! 

So iA that will be up in the next week!!
Also have a competition!

So for now here is one of my fav youtube channels
who have helped me on my recent video
and i've helped in one or two videos of theres!!

Here's my fav!

ur welcome :)



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