Monday, February 20, 2012

My Outfits in Indonesia

 went on a becah ride with the kids.

 went to the Dian Pelangi Store in Bandung!

 Got a sparkly new Zara top!

 went to a theme park inside the mall.

 Just came hoem from some where?

 went to a cute restaurant inside a clothes store!

 What i wore to part one of my cousins wedding!

 What i wore to part two of my cousins wedding!

What i wore to part three of my cousins wedding!

Rafs first time on a motorbike!

 When Haffy meet Aunty Hanna's (from Hijab Scarf) baby Kirana 

At the hotel in Jakarta!

 Me at the end of the trip in the airport!


  1. 2 minggu hun!
    do you live there?

  2. yes, tapi di bekasi :D udah pulang belum? anyway thankyou so much for made my blog a blog of the week in your blog hihii :*

  3. yes im back in sydney now :(
    iA december mau ke indo lagi!

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