Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Love Struck by Diana Kotb

Salams All,

Hope you're all doing well. Can you believe its already the last 10 days of Ramadan :( iA we are all taking advantage of the last few days!

Well On Saturday i was lucky enough to go to the exclusive Diana Kotb Pop Up Store!
As soon as we walked into the building, the first thing i said was "LOOK ITS THE DOOR!!" lol

Anyway i went there with my friend to help her pick out a few things...and MY OH My was it gorgeous inside. It was in a studio but set up so well. Then after Oohing and Ahhhing i saw Diana and she was wearing this gorgeous top (so sad i didn't take a photo with her)
So i tried to find it and then i came across it,  picked it up, tried it...and i didn't want to take it off...LOL i stood in the changed room with my friend for atleast 30mins wearing the shirt hahahah
(even had time for a selfie.)
it was Instant LoveSo i bought it! and thats that!

Diana Kotb is a gorgeous and very welcoming person! She has a lot of experience in the Fashion industry working for a lot of Australian Fashion Designers and working at Marie Claire Magazine for four years! So she defiantly knows what she's doing!
Her pieces are unique, elegant and everything you want in clothes lol

Check her out on Diana Kotb You will fall in LOVE with her designs especially her video campaigns! Here's a few pictures of the pop up shop and a few of me wearing The Vicereine Blouse.

 photo taken by raf

Love from


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