Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i love Bankstown! lol

Does she look familiar to you aussie's??
it's Miss Universe!
let me know your thoughts!

Well don't to Rebecca Kay!
and they shopped at
Integrity-Boutique Sydney
Check'em out!


  1. Salam! I found your blog googling muslim fashion and I love it!
    I am a Pakistani living in the U.S. I am doing my masters in Sociology at the University of South Florida and am doing research on Muslims and fashion. I am helping my professor Dr. David Jacobson to write a book and we are looking for some pictures to print in his forthcoming book that is being printed by the Johns Hopkins University. Would you be willing to share a couple of your photographs and the way you interpret international fashion to suit your own style as a Muslim? I am extremely interested in making sure the world understands that muslim women go beyond the veil to adapt fashion to themselves and make their own identities. Consider your help as dawah!
    I will check back here for a response comment but you can also reach me at

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi azka
    whats the book about?
    you can email me on

  3. wow this is such an amazing vid!x

  4. Really this is Miss Universe? She looks so good as she is. hihi


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