Monday, January 31, 2011

My wedding day...3 Years ago lol

Was a beautiful day!

waiting to come in.

Yey! we matched that day!!
he told me he was wearing gold n white!
but Allhamdullilah he didn't!

wonder what he was thinking...

me signing my life away...while my husband laughs!

the celebrant! Bilal Dannoun aka billy d's!

my family

my husbands family
( multicultural family )

just 1/4 of the guest waiting in line to eat
i had about 700ppl just at the nikah.

question for all the married ladies...
does ur hubby like wearing the wedding ring coz my hubby doesn't :(

LOL so stiff!

check out the bling! LOL

i look like i need to pee! hehe

Well i just wanted to share my beautiful wedding day
with you guys since we're like family now!
Yes it was three years ago but it felt like just yesterday hehehehe

Any who's just alil background info on the outfit!
i bought the material in Bandung Indonesia and
got it made in Jakarta Indonesia
My own desgin!
Simple & Sweet!!!
My hubby im not sure where his outfit came from
coz he told me he was wearing gold n white till this day i still don't know hahahha

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. love it ,beautiful wedding MashaAllah. May Allah(SWT) bless you and your family with happiness in this life and the hereafter. Ameen

  2. wah..... inikah jaman nikah dulu.. ^^ semoga selalu bahagia.. :)

  3. mashallah you looked stunning...may allah bless you with happiness and love in you life..XXxx

  4. awwww so cute

  5. mashallah. awesome blog

  6. You were having your wedding three days ago. As you may be thinking that a week ago you was very excited but now you are married and hence does not make any difference.

  7. so cute!!!

    btw, my husband doesnt like to wear his wedding ring either :( lol

  8. Del he technically did wear gold and white. He copeyah/tupi had gold and white on it :D lol.

  9. Cute pictures---as for your question about the whole wedding ring thing---my husband doesn't wear one either, and neither do I. I'm always afraid its going to either fall off my finger---or get stuck-and I'll start to freak out and panic, that i'll never get it off====Got a ring stuck on my finger once.


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