Friday, September 3, 2010

Hijab House Summer Collection is out now!!

waiting to see the new collection..

the beautiful ladies waiting patiently..

My soon to be Eid Abaya!! hehe <3

i wish this was my wall so pretty and colourful!


Signature H

Today Hijab House released their the new summer collection!
i was very excited to go, thinking that if i'd come early i would get what i wanted...
boy was i wrong hehehe
i forget the women in this area are very quick!! hehe
But it's all good!
Being the stalker i am with that shop,
i went in & out about 3-4 times always coming in with someone new hehehe
And the 4th time i came in Tarik (one of the owners) says "There she is!"
Me being the lost person i am...i was like huh what did i do?? lol
he asked me if i could answer some questions for the guy from Sunrise (Simon Reeve)
and i said "Yes!"
but i noe i didn't do a good job..why??
cause when he asked me a question
i dont think i even answered it
i was thinking too much about the camera
starring straight at my face lol
iA i did a good job!
So Hijab House you should be proud of yourself
you've come so far and
i just want to thank you for making my blog look good!!
Enjoy the picz!


  1. wow!! wish we had a HH where i live :(

  2. Hey girls this is at Bankstown Shopping Centre, Australia..

    Do you girls live in Australia?? :)

  3. PLEASE use your hijabi-blogging influence to begin a campaign to get them to sell products ONLINE!!! They WON'T regret it! I WILL PROVIDE THEM SUFFICIENT REVENUE -ALONE- on which to operate the online shop ;)

  4. well guess what!
    due to high demand..
    iA soon they will have a website!!
    i'll keep you girls updated!!

  5. i will be visiting syd in december i.a so bankstown is a must on the list to visit.. there store looks very chic and i do think its a great idea for them to have an online store!

  6. syd rocks they have the best islamic stores in melb we dnt have as much.. NOT HAPPY JAN!

  7. hehehe yey!!
    Sydney is getting there slowly...
    But Melbourne is fashion central!

  8. Wow I love Hijab House though I have never been there before...I wish they have one in Malaysia =P

  9. i wish we had a hijab house in melbourne! :(

  10. i live in indonesia, but honestly i'm falling in love with those stufff,, wondering i can buy by online it will be great ;).. i'll buy those thing like crazy ;D


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