Sunday, June 3, 2012

HFW Day 6: Date Night

Salams All,
So im so lost it's already day 6 
but in half n hour it'll be day 7! OMG.
so its date night...
the only date night i get these days is... 
when me and my husband go out to 
the supermarket or petrol station hahaha 
but we did recently go on a date for our 4year anniversary,
we just went to watch a movie and 
i wore something close to these outfit!! LOL
sorry for the bad quality pix.

 Thats how much taller my hubby is lol.

Scarf: MSF  Inc 'Rawrr At Me'
Long Sleeve Maxi Dress: That Shop That I Can't Remember. lol
Jumper: Witchery

Husband Wears:
Chicago Bulls Hoodie
Jordan Tracksuit Pants

xoxo MSF


  1. I love your scarf,and yes,your husband is sooo tall :P

    1. Thanks so much hun!
      btw I'm selling this scarf if your interested! :)

  2. MashaAllah I love your Blog sis.

  3. Love your style sister :)


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