Friday, August 13, 2010

some warm winter idea's.


  1. If only I could pull off that second outfit! It's gorgeous!
    Oh and hope you're having a wonderful Ramadan, dear. We should iftar at Cabramatta one day!

  2. They make it looks so easy!! Hahhaa
    Yes we shall eat at cabbra I'm actually craving for cabra food lol and we can drag kittykat too!!
    When do u leave to the otherwise of the world??

  3. Otherside* damn iPhone dictionary!! Lol

  4. Hahaha "the otherwise of the world".
    I leave on August 31 so it's pretty soon! We should definitely get Kat to come. When are you usually free? Om nom nom nom Cabra. I had it the other day but I'm craving it again. And mmm sugar cane juice...

  5. So sad, they don't deliver to Aus :(


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