Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A night filled with BARAKA!

Salams All,
Well last night i went to the Baraka Women's Preview for there
La Milatrie' Glam Collection!
And what a beautiful night it was!!

As soon as me and my friend Mya from Myas fashionspot
came we were greeted with smiles
The atmosphere was so romantic,
the food was scrumptious and
the drinks were divine! (i think i drank too much heheh)!
a few girls came up to me and
asked if i was haiina from muslimstreetfashion!!
i loved it hehehe
thank you for having the guts to come up to me
and ask, it was really nice talking to you girls!!
i also met a lovely lady by the name of Zahrah
who is a very mashaAllah creative artistic sister!!
(links on the bottom)

now about the collection...
there weren't that many pieces
but who needs alot,
when you have the basic needs to look glam and chic!
if i could i would of bought every single piece! iA one day!

My favourite piece would have to be the very last outfit
it was a velvet olive green dress with (hand sewed) black lace
it was so simple but very elegant.

what a gorgeous shop!!
as soon as you step in there you feel like you're
somewhere...nowhere near home!
i felt like i was in Paris! heheehe
it was such a beautiful store,
it was very warm and welcoming (like kath & eisha :))
they even had a little mini cafe inside too!!

well as you all know im not very good at writing
so here are some beautiful photos if i do say so myself (LOL)
but before that i just want to CONGRATULATE
Kath & Eisha on their New Collections!
And May Allah make your business grow and spread all over the world!
You girls have done an awesome job!!
i had an awesome night!!!!
and i'll add a picture of me in my next post
with my new scarf i bought! yey!!!

didn't get to try the yellow drink but reaaly wanted too!

Mya drinking the yummy cauliflower soup with pumpkin seeds!
so good!

Me drinking the yummy mocktails! i want mooooooorrrree!!!!
my friend mya


Kath's gorgeous jacket she made!

the gorgeous models! check out the last out fit
(click on the picture to make it bigger!)
me & mya being posers! hehe

the gorgeous Baraka HQ
little goody bags didn't get to eat the milky way my hubby ate it :(
me with the beautiful baraka ladies kath & eisha

If you'd like to purchase there beautiful collection you can visit them at
138 Georges River Road
Croydon Park NSW 2133
Ph +61 2 9797-2684
trading hours
tuesday to saturday 10am - 4pm
Thursday nights until 8pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Or you can go online

Zahrah's link to her online shop
she sells canvas, jewelery and many more!


  1. Beautiful outfit! and I like the way you wore your hijab! :D

  2. your hijab was absolutely gorgeous! i just love it :D

  3. love the side hijab thing! hehe mA such a cute style!


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