Friday, September 2, 2011

Eid Mubarak Everyone Around the World!

Salams All!
How was everybody's Eid?
Hope it was good and yummy!

My Eid wasn't a very happy Eid...
Two of My Family Friends Diana(23) & Rizky(18) (sister & brother) 
got into a car crash o n the way to salat eid.
Diana has a few scratches and bruises, but is well Allhamdullilah and
Rizky is in a comma, he has brain damage and is currently on life support.
So i ask you all to please if its no trouble to, 
please make dua for these very young beautiful sibilings!
it's been a heartbreaking few days!
We need all the dua they can get! iA

May Allah give you a speedy recovery Rizky & Diana
and bless you all!


  1. I will make dua for my brother & sister, Allah(swt) will see them both through Insh'Allah, STAY STRONG! xo

  2. Oh, what a tragedy, specially in the Eid. I hope you all are good, and of course I'll make du'a for this two young people.
    as Nazma said, STAY STRONG.
    InshaAllah all thins will become better,



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