Saturday, October 8, 2011

Makeup Tutorials & Hijab Styling Workshop Day!

Salams All!
Hello well yes im a week late but iv been very busy..
looking after two kids and help plan a wedding for a family friend!


So yes last week i went to the workshop
and had a lot of fun!
i Met Norma from  
 and i met alot of new people too
i also learnt how to put make up on! 
i now know what foundation is hahhaha

Any ways here a some fotos!!

shocked at how much girls put on lol
This is Norma intro-ing herself!!
Norma telling us whats what.
Blank Canvas
Fellow Students hehehe
Norma & Asma being the model!

Getting ready for part 2! Hijab Stylez.
Mya showing how to do the turban
Me & Mya
What i wore that day!
The Finish Product! LOL

Me & Norma!
Hope to see you soon!
Some of the people that came!! yey!!
And this is just a little extra...
my results...hehehe 
this was me at a wedding on sunday 
i did my own make-up and hijab!! :D

with My Best friends!

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  1. A lot of it negates the purpose of hijab. I am wearing make-up then perhaps it can be overlooked. Personally I don't wear make-up because I wear hijab. If I didn't wear hijab, may be I did wear a bit of make up.


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