Friday, November 25, 2011


Salams All!!
Well yesterday Me & Mya from myazfashionspot
had a little interview with a lady named Jeanette from ch SBS

it was good because i wasn't as nervous as
the other two i've had since i started this blog!
It went really smoothly, i just hope i don't sound dumb,
like i usually do hahha iA.

Anyways this is what i wore

it was was very simple!
i think i tried on about 4-5 outfits and just got frustrated and wore this hahaha
i also wore my black lace hijab house long cardigan.

Scarf : Blue Cheetah Pashmina from Homeart (lol)
Dress: Black Maxi from @topshop
Top: Black Long Sleeve from Witchery
Belt: Green Thin Belt from ASOS
Thing hanging of my leg: My cheeky son! hehehe

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