Friday, December 9, 2011


So a couple of days ago me & some of my beautiful friends
went to a photo shoot at the power house museum
for their exhibition (which comes out next year)
it was alot of fun!
And it was good to see that
we all had our own very unique kind of style!!

So on the day we had to take a photo with a word (or a few words)
describing us that ppl wouldnt think we were..
hrmm does that make sense? LOL
guess which word mine is...

some of us got interviewed and
all of us got individual photos wuuuuu!! lol
i had a blast and to top it off we got to go to
the wiggles exhibition for the kids 
but the one with no kids went to the lace exhibition!
anyways here are photos that were on my phone lol

 Our individual foto with our words..
 'A' looking Oh So Hawwwtt!
 My Personal Dress Maker LOL 'W' owner of Muhsinah
 My Giggly Sis inLaw
 'A.M.' working her corporate look!
 Our Group Shot!
 Me & My Sis being silly!
Our Boys having fun on the boat hahaha

Want to say A Big Thank You to the Girls for making some time from your busy schedule!
Especially A.M. for coming in her lunch break!! hehe
And also to the P.H.M crew for letting us get involved in the exhibition!!


  1. A.M says you're very welcome!! it was A.M's pleasure ;)

  2. Wow looks awesome, when it comes out send us the link so we can see it closer:) Yours was quirky?

  3. Soryaa you know me too well hahhaa
    No worries will do!!

  4. Salam Kenal Sis yang nun jauh disana.
    Saya datang silaturahmi ya.


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