Sunday, October 23, 2011

Come Along!!!!

Ladies Come Along!!
Dress in your fav outfit & bring your best smile!!

iA i'll be there! wuuhuuuuu 

The Powerhouse Museum (located next to Darling Harbour) is currently developing an exhibition on contemporary Muslim women’s fashion in Australia due to open in May 2012. This exhibition will feature local Sydney designers and retailers of modest fashion, sartorial style biographies with a number of influential Australian Muslim women and a street scene fashion shoot documenting the everyday styles of Muslim women in Sydney.

Would you like your style featured in the exhibition? You are invited to come along to one of our outdoor fashion photo shoots!

Where? Victoria Park-in the area behind the Fisher Library
(opposite Broadway, next to Sydney University)

When? Wednesday 26 October, 2011
12noon to 4:00pm

Look out for two female curators, Glynis Jones and Melanie Pitkin, with their male photographer and camera-woman extraordinaire. We want Muslim women of all cultural backgrounds and fashion styles to get involved so please step out in your favourite fashions and put on a smile!

For more information, please contact: / 0432 989 657

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Day with Hanna

Salams Again! hehehe 
Well a few days before the workshop i got to spend a day with 
Hanna from Hijab Scarf Blog along with her husband.
i feel bad cause i didn't get to really talk to her as much
or even take alot of fotos coz i got sick...
(maybe because Hanna's pregnant and i got her morning sickness heehhehe)

Anyways i took them to Jasmine's (Lebanese Resturant in Lakemba)
& then went to Featherdale Wildlife Park!
Wish you could of stayed longer!!
Haffy misses you.


Makeup Tutorials & Hijab Styling Workshop Day!

Salams All!
Hello well yes im a week late but iv been very busy..
looking after two kids and help plan a wedding for a family friend!


So yes last week i went to the workshop
and had a lot of fun!
i Met Norma from  
 and i met alot of new people too
i also learnt how to put make up on! 
i now know what foundation is hahhaha

Any ways here a some fotos!!

shocked at how much girls put on lol
This is Norma intro-ing herself!!
Norma telling us whats what.
Blank Canvas
Fellow Students hehehe
Norma & Asma being the model!

Getting ready for part 2! Hijab Stylez.
Mya showing how to do the turban
Me & Mya
What i wore that day!
The Finish Product! LOL

Me & Norma!
Hope to see you soon!
Some of the people that came!! yey!!
And this is just a little extra...
my results...hehehe 
this was me at a wedding on sunday 
i did my own make-up and hijab!! :D

with My Best friends!