Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fay Tellaoui She's Done it Again!

Salams All!!
MashaAllah it's been awhile but 
im back with awesome news!!
The gorgeous,
Fay Tellaoui's 
New Collection is out!! 
In time for Eid too!!
This Collection is Simple Classy Elegant Girly Peplumtious!! 
check it out for yourself!

 My Fav but i dunno if mustard Yellow matches me!!

This is also my fav but in the green!!! mmmmmm

doesn't sister S look Gorgeous MashaAllah!

So Ladies what are you waiting for??

Fay Tellaoui
260 South Terrace

Facebook: Fay Tellaoui
be sure to spread the word!!!

The Gorgeous Fay Supporting Me, So i Shall Support her!!


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