Sunday, March 23, 2014

Langston Hues in Sydney.

Im so so sorry for neglecting you bloggy!!
Im doing too much and i just can't stop!
helping out with my friends wedding,
trying to launch my new brand and design,
doing fashion shows/stalls and all that jazz!
But Allhamdullilah today i am home and I'm going to blog blog blog!!!iA

So for the past month Allhamdullilah i got to do a few stalls and shows! i also got to attend a fashion forum featuring Langston Hues!!! And also got selected to shoot with the awesome brother Langston for his book Modest Street Fashion!

got to meet and make new friends at the shoot!!

Langston Thank you letting Sydney be part of your book!!
May these book bring you a lot of success!!

The Other MSF!


  1. This is really cool! Love the outfits too :)

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  4. Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.

    Beautiful Fashion

  5. Love your blog mashallah. The way you style with modesty is beautiful. Please support my blog, Its new and is about sharing ideas and tips that helped give you success.


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