Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Salams To All!!
Firstly Ramadan Mubarak To You All.



No Really i want to go back to blogging, i do miss it!! but its just so hard now with instagram and facebook in the way! oh and 3 kids under 5! Allhamdullilah.
But i shall make it my duty to post atleast 2 times a week!
So starting off tonight!! wuuuhhuuu I'd like to tell you about why i have been MIA! (missing in action) lol
A couple of years ago i started my own line called Haiina (pro: Hi-Ina) but i feel alot of people didn't connect with the name. It didn't really go anywhere further then my friends...

So Haiina decided to rebrand itself... so we changed it to

i have been working on this new baby for the past 6 months. InshaAllah you guys like it!!
I've done a few collabs with Langston Hues. And Allhamdullilah i have a little section in a POP UP Store in Sydney. (come visit 6/43 Heathcote Road Moorebank Australia)
I also have been working on a website, which you should be able to read the blog on.
but Yeah thats whats been happening in my life. not much lol.

Hopefully i'll be back to doing reviews soon! but for now here's a few Photos of Me wearing 'Delina' taken by Langston.

Hope You Enjoyed it! lol


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  1. The dresses looks amazing Insha'Allah! You've paired them so well. I'd love to see more amazing styles from the blog. I'm a big follower of Islamic fashion online.


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