Wednesday, November 4, 2015

31 Things i have learnt about myself...i think. I'm not quiet sure.

Salams All!
Today is a gorgeous day why?? Cause it's my 31st!!! lol (well technically it was yesterday) Since its a Special Day, i thought i would post about  31 things i have learnt about myself or facts...not sure lets see how i go...So here we go!!!
  1. First things first... I LOVE MY FAMILY...i wouldn't be where i am today, if it weren't for them.
  2. I love to travel!
    Just because i have kids it doesn't mean i can't go out and travel! Money could be the issue sometimes but i say save then venture out!
  3. 1,2,3 Kids...
    iA this is enough for me...ever since i was little, i always wanted 3 kids and Allhamdullilah i have 3 healthy gorgeous MashaAllah kids
  4. 3 Kids....
    also i have learnt that i have no brain cells left (permanent baby brain) and that i can Yell!! Boy, do they drive me up the wall Allhamdullilah!!
  5. Sushi.
    I really do love Sushi, its the best thing to eat anytime of the day or night! Avocado Seafood Ship!! Sashimi!! If i had to choose one food to eat the rest of my life, it would defiantly be SUSHI!! BEST Sushi i ever had was in Japan!!!
  6. Fashion has been in my life...forever.
    Ever since i could remember i loved dressing up...don't know if you guys are old enough to remember, but does anyone remember the band girlfriend and when they came out with their own fashion line!!! That was major for me! And now Allhamdullilah i've been blessed with my own line named... Delina. Recently changed my name from Haiina to Delina, only because i felt people weren't connecting with the name. (Haidar (my husbands name) + Delina = Haiina)
  7. Friends.
    I think its true what they say "the older you are, the wiser you get" You come to learn realise who your real friends are, who your hi and bye friends are, who your fake friends are and who aren't your friends.
  8. Blogging.
    Ever Since Thursday 17th June 2010 i've been blogging (WOW) it's been 5 years and i use to love it and be obsessed with it, but then the more kids i had it started to slow down. Then last year i was on Buzzfeed for '12 Muslim Australians Who Crushed It in 2014' Which motivated me to start blogging again! And I love it! I'm very thankful for all the opportunities i get from it! Meeting Designers, Bloggers, Photographers, being featured in magazines, a book, online, in muesuems, on tv...Making new and amazing friends! Allhamdullilah. I am very grateful for it all!!
  9. Inner Child.So according to my friends and family, i tend to bring out the inner child in them. Which i love, makes people feel comfortable around me.
  10. Photography.
    I've always been interested in photography, in my life i think i've had over 15-20 cameras but now i've come to realise i'm more in front of the camera then behind it.
  11. Phobia.
    I will forever never get over my Phobia of...Yuck i can't even write it!
    p.s. to the person who liked that photo a few days ago of my phobia on a hand. i dislike you very much..i threw my phone and screamed so loud!! Thank God my friend was their to hide it on my feed...urrrrgggghhhhh yuck i feel yuck now.
  12. Monocrome.
    I LOVE BLACK AND WHITE!! but i do love colour. Its all my dads fault coz he loves black and white hahhaha its in the genes. By January next year im hoping to finish my bedroom which happens to be black and white.
  13. Make The Bed.
    My mama advice to me on my wedding day.
    Always make the bed before you leave the house, even though the rest of the house is a mess atleast when you walk into your room your bed is nice and clean.
  14. Scheduling.
    So i thought i'd be good at scheduling times for blogging, designing etc but it just doesn't work for me...I do it for like a week and then i forget one thing and its all over. I just can't stick to it. Anyone got any tips for me?
  15. Comparing Yourself.
    I've learnt that it's really not good to compare yourself to someone else. Who cares if they have more money then you, have more handbags then you, shoes, makeup, phones i could go on. I think by comparing yourself to someone is basically putting yourself down and makes you all angry inside. Learn to love what you have and appreciate it. Everything is from Allah! If you can't love yourself, then how can you love someone else!! Allhamdullilah for everything.
  16. Worrying.
    Don't worry so much about everything. Worrying just makes things worse! Go with the flow and see where it takes you! It could lead you somewhere exciting!!
  17. Confidence.Often people ask me "how can you just wear anything and still look good?" (lol it's a true story) My answer is 'You have to have confidence, if you don't have that then of course you're going to look weird in that outfit' Your confidence give people a positive energy!! So go out in the leopard print jacket and stripped pants!
  18. SuperMum.
    I have considered myself to be a SUPERMUM! I work 24/7, i'm a blogger, a fashion designer, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a Mother. While shopping for groceries and drinking my coffee, i'm always checking out peoples outfits for inspirations, answering emails on my phone, carrying my 2 year daughter and pushing my lazy 4yr old (who can walk perfectly fine just choose to sit and be pushed like a princess), thinking what to cook for dinner, but has to rush to pick up my son from school....i could go on but you get the gist!
  19. Religion.
    Everyday I Thank Allah For letting me have another day on this earth to worship him! Treat your day like its your last! Don't Forget to pray 5 times a day guys. Allhamdullilah i'm healthy to do all the actions, some people have no legs or arms and still manage to pray, whats your excuse?
  20. Hijab.
    I am blessed to wear this, Since 1997 i've been wearing the hijab and Allhamdullilah i've had so many opportunities to do so much! In High School i was the only one to wear a hijab! Which means i always stood out hahhaa but i tried to make myself different but 'cool' lol I must say i did start a lot of Hijab trends... refer to the picture at the end of this post.
  21. LOVE.
    Learn to love everyone. As much as that person annoys you, forgive them and love the for the sake of Allah. It will make your hear happy! (Im still practising this one)
  22. Give.
    Allah works in mysterious ways! Even if you don't have much to give, give something because iA you will get something in return. This is so true. Allhamdullilah i'm not rich nor am i poor but i try to give as much as i can...Even just a smile is Charity! So Smile away peoples that could be your ticket to Jannah.
  23. Words, Speaking.
    Funnily enough i'm not very good with words or speaking in public. When i was in primary school i always got my friend to write my speeches, i also remember we had a play and i had one line... when it came up to that one line. I totally froze and forgot my line. Yey to me. I think i need to read more!
  24. Getting Angry.
    Im still practising this one, its hard but im trying not to get angry straight away. Try solve the problem before screaming your head off it'll make your heart feel better and you can just laugh about it later. I feel sorry for my kids. Being the bad cop is not fun.
  25. Husband.
    As much as i hate to admit it...i do love him and i appreciate everything he does for me and my family, his always very supportive in everything i do...he's a real pusher. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But Allhamdullilah. (His annoying me right now as i type!)
  26. Driving.
    I really do love driving! Ever since my illegal days of driving at the ripe age of 15 (lol) i have never said i didn't want to drive! When i was pregnant i would crave to drive somewhere far away!! The furthest while preggers was a 2-3 hr drive one way, no stopping.
  27. Fashion part II.
    I have come to realise that i'm not fussed about matching things anymore, like my scarf doesn't have to match my shoes or my bag, stripes and spots don't match, gold and silver can't be worn at the same time! I like the challenge of having to make striped look good with spots!
  28. Remembering Allah.
    I try to make sure every action, every word i say and everything i do i remember Allah!  Because at the end of the day, Allah is the one that created you and gave you life on this earth!
  29. Quality Over Quantity.
    I used to all be about the quantity before i turned 30. Now i'm all about the quality, it doesn't matter how much time it'll take me to save for it. I'd rather a good long lasting piece then 5 million broken piece. I've come to appreciate the finer things in life.
  30. Capoeira.
    I'm not one to exercise and go to the gym, i use to...when i was younger. But now i'm like meehhh. I also use to do capoeira and i loved it!! i remember after a few weeks of going i was already doing performances hahahah i loved it so much they performed at my wedding reception!! And now i wanna go back into it.
  31. Food.
    I've already expressed how much i love sushi...but food is always on my mind. Im sure like most of us do. Food!! i'm kinda hungry now...
  32. Extra
    Wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to view my blog, like my pictures, comment, Everyone, its so nice having the support!! i really do appreciate it. Love You All.

    In Tokyo, Japan
    Being the only Hijabi in High School...Yes thats a nike bandana LOL
    Photo Shoot with Langston Hues
    My first capoeira performance!!
                    My 3 kids too many. 
                  The Inner Child in me....hahhahha

Hope You Enjoyed This Post!
xoxo MSF

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