Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21 weeks.

me in japan!

Okio so if you didn't know...
im pregnant with my second child iA yey!!!!
And somedays i don't feel like dressing up all nice and pretty!
but when i do i try a new style of wearing the hijab or
i just add alil something like glasses or contacts??
OR i just try on all my clothes till i find something i like hehehe
Anyone else preggers and finding it hard to look nice?

i don't know about you guys but when you wear sunglasses/glasses...
do you feel like you're in disguise?
...i do..hehehe


  1. ewet. bende güneş gözlüğü takınca kendimi gizlenmiş hissediyorum

  2. aww congratulations!! all the best with the rest of the pregnancy sis =)

    and i love the first dress ur wearing, beautiful x

  3. Congrats!!! I always found it hard being pregnant and trying to look nice! When your tired, you just can't be bothered.

    I always feel 'made-up' when I wear my sunnies. They hide my bags and lack of eye makeup on days when I haven't had a chance to put make-up on!

  4. Congratulations!!! I always visit your blog but first time poster. Glad you are back and cant wait to see pregnant fashions.

  5. Salams Del,
    Just wondering if it was OK to post the image of you in the lace abaya on our facebook page?

  6. Congratulations sweetie! Can't wait to see pictures insha'allah! :D

  7. HH: ofcourse!

    Urooba: thanks hun!

  8. me.. me.. i'm a pregger too (19w)..
    want to wear jumpsuit but too bad stuck to my stomache.. T___T'


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