Friday, December 10, 2010

pregnant & out n about!


  1. Salam and hi there Kakak! All I can say is that I really, really love every single thing that you wear!!! You look soooo STUNNING & STYLISH even though you're a mother of a child*soon to be two...Kakak don't even look like a married woman pon! Heeeeee! Whylah I didn't come across your blog earlier...It kinda inspires me that we can BERGAYA even though with tudung/hijab! ^_^!!! Pardon me for my bad English***

  2. heheheh Alya ur so cute!!
    thank you!

  3. You're most welcome...^_^! I'm so gonna look further into your styles for my upcoming pre-graduation dinner...Hehe....the theme is said to be Smart-casual...Do you have any style/ blog that I can refer to? Hihihihi...


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