Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping Shopping Shopping!!

i Finally got the wedges i bought online...
but they were waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to big :(
so i sold them to a friend...
now i know im not a UK 37 hehehe

but moving on...hehehe
i'v been obsessed with buying buying buying!
i think this baby is craving for it!!
(just like my mum when she was preggers with me!!)

Anywhos since winter is soon
and i've always wanted one...
i bought a CAPE!!! yey!!


i also bought a long sleeve henley maxi dress
which sort of looks like this but navy!


and on saturday i went shopping with one of my besties..

and i spent so much that day it's unbelievable...
i spent 18.90$ (AU) hahahha

Terracotta Harem Pants, Cotton On $5.00
Grey Back Lace Button Up Maxi Dress, TEMT $6.95
Brown Fat Heels, TEMT $6.95
wuhuuuuuuu i LOVE bargains!!

This is us trying on the same top...
which colour is better? LOL

i think i bought something else but can't remember!!
will post up my new items when i wear it!!!

& please pray this baby comes out soon and healthy!!



  1. I <3 maxi dresses! For the top I think the red one stands out more.. so I I would choose red!

    toodles, Rabia.



  2. Salaam,

    I love your blog. Useful tips and great sense of style.
    Bless for the pregnancy and it is so relaxing to see how you
    keep on dressing well despite of your condition! Well done!


  3. . a long sleeve henley maxi dress, hemm very g0od...

    salam :

  4. Salams sister. Got your blog link from SWB. wow. you've got a cool blog in here.

    followed you btw. i'd be very happy if you could visit me back and follow.. :)

    anyway, lovely blog.



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