Friday, October 23, 2015

Holden Australia,The Sartorialist and I.

How are we all?
My oh my what a fun and busy week i've had!
Let me start by Thanking HOLDEN AUSTRALIA!! Thank You for the New Car!! lol jokes!
No Really Thank You so much for the opportunity!!!
So the story goes a little something like this...
A few weeks ago Holden Australia's Instagram (#holdenstreetstyle) held a competition to celebrate the New Stylish European Range. The winner got to go to an Exclusive Fashion Event and to Meet The King of Street Style Photography, Mr Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist!!! All you had to do was post your Best Street Style Look. So i thought why not enter!! No harm done, if i don't win.

A few weeks past and i got a comment on one of my pictures i posted, saying that they would love to offer me an invitation to the event. And i was like wuuuhhhuuuu i must of came second because i got invited hahahha.....little did i know.

So on Tuesday Night my cousin and i went to the event, we got there super early and saw no one there hahahha. So we went walking around central park (OMG that place is amazing!) and found a little alley with asian restaurants. When the time came we got to Automata and it was full of people already! So we walked around looked at all the awesome photos, ate some yummy finger food and one of my highlights of the night was whenever someone from Holden would introduce themselves to me, they were truly genuinely sooooo nice to me and made me feel so comfortable, they Congratulated me and looked after me. I loved how they noticed me and took the time to talk to me and didn't just see me as the competition winner! Made my Night!!! What also made my night was meeting and talking to the man himself Mr Scott Schuman! When you talk to him he makes you feel very comfortable (like while i was waiting to talk to him, i was saying to my cousin what do you say to someone so well known?? i was completely blank) like i could of talked to him for hours.

Anyways i'm babbling on too much Just want to say again Thank You Bec and the Team from Holden for giving me the opportunity to meet one of the reasons why i started this blog!!

Outfit Of The Night
Wearing Scarf | Tees | Split Skirt by DELINA 
My Fav Photo of the Night!
Liked this Photo too!!
Prawn, Seaweed Flakes, Yuzu and something else that was so good!! i want more!!
Mr Scott Schuman!!
Mr Schuman, The other winner and i.
Mr Schuman and I (errrrmmaaaaggaawwweedddd)
Got his new book alongside a holden portable charger in the goodie bag!!!
and yes he personally signed my book!!! 
Once Again Thank You.


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  1. That's amazing girl! So happy you got such an amazing opportunity. :)


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