Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

Salams All

i know, i know I'm so delayed but have been busy finding a new sewer for my line and organising my life...still trying hahahaha
Anyways a few weeks ago i went to my very first (dues to having babies lel) Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and my oh my did i have a ball!! I went with my fav cousins Olivia & Amalia (check them out hurr) I got to see Dion Lees creations, Romance was Born and Many Many More!
When i arrived i was so excited to see peoples style, but as i looked around i felt like i missed the memo for the dress code : 'Wedding Guest Attire' is this normal? or did i just go the wrong day? Maybe next time i'll go the first day?

This Jacket is Everything!! Romance was Born

Romance Was Born

YUM! Ginger & Smart

That Flow Doe! Bianca Spender

Love!!! Dion Lee


Me & Le Cuz'n!


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