Monday, February 8, 2016

My New Best Friend.

Salams All,
I know its been awhile. Ive been so busy planning holidays designing, getting my second child ready for kindy...the list goes on Allhamdullilah.
So i recently just came back from Bali for one of my close friends wedding! (which was stunning!) and also some family time. And the weather...was HOT!! So while everyone is walking around in singlets and shorts, i'm here trying to figure out what i can wear.

THANK GOODNESS i packed my Bamboo Body Skirt!! That Skirt saved my life! LOL
The material is made out of Bamboo which makes it soooooo soft and breathable, the best for this kind of weather! I just wished i had it in all colours! I would of lived in it!

The skirt is Amazing it doesn't stick to you while walking, still has a nice shape after numerous washes. I found that you could use it as a high waisted skirt (if you're short like me) or as is. The Skirt makes you feel like a princess cause of its flow, i just wanted to walk around waving my hand like i was a princess hahhaa

I also received the Hi Lo Hem Top, which did wonders for me! It was one of those hot scorching days in sydney...where everything you wear would be a disaster! But this time round i was good, the top isn't figuring hugging which makes alot of room for the air to flow thru. I also just loved the fact that i could swing my top side to side...(again the princess affect hit me lol)

Ok So My good friends at Bamboo Body Australia have a special for all my lovely readers!
Purchase any item and get 15% off!!  Just use the code Delina15 and bobs your uncle!
Offer end March 5th!! So get it quick! I recommend this and this and everything



  1. May I steal your style? Very cool! :)


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  5. The tops looks great. I'm also looking for ordering some of such types and even saw few of them at EastEssence. After going through your blog, I'm surely going to order some very soon.

  6. This outfit looks so comfy on you

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