Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pure Smile

Salams All,

How are we all? Good? Awesome!
A couple of weeks ago i received an invite to get my teeth whitened by Pure Smile. At first i was abit nervous, only because I've been wanting to do this for along time but never got the courage and now that i had the chance i took the opportunity!

So as soon as i got to Pure Smiles in Broadway, i was greeted by a beautiful lady who welcomed me and talked me thru the process, from there i felt so comfortable. It was simple and three easy 20mins sessions for 1hr and 20mins. 

I had to brush my teeth with a foam brush,
add the peroxide to my teeth,
then went under the blue light for 20mins,
repeated that 3 times and voila they were a few shades whiter!!
(sadly my before and after photos were blurry)

Overall after a week my teeth where still nice and pretty.
Will definitely be going back for another session, check them out online at for more information 



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