Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vision Direct AU Collab

Salams! Hi All,

How is everyones year going so far? Mine, quite busy... having three kids, a blog, and being a designer. Allhamdullilah.

But you don't need to know about that! You should know, I recently did a collaboration with Vision Direct AU. They specialise in Sunglasses glasses and contact lenses anything eye fashionable related hahaha. They are a trusted and well respected online store that sells the finest sunglasses and glasses and yes it is 100% authentic! 

This by far is my favourite collaboration, these pair of sunnies are my favourite! I have been eyeing (lol) them for ages. When Morgan (the person that made my dreams come true (who also works for vision direct au)) said i could have them i literally could not keep my mouth shut, i was that shocked that he allowed me to review these sexy sunnies!

So what sunglasses did i get you ask?
I got the Celine Shadow Jar/Z3 its Military Green and brown gradient frames *insert drooling emoji*

Taaa Daaa!

So as soon as Morgan said YES! a few days later it ended up on my door step, it arrived so quickly, i was like wow what package did i get? and like us all, i opened it straight away and realised it was my sunglasses! GASPING moment... it came in this cute velvet (not really velvet) type case (look at above pic) it was so pretty i wanted to wear it straight away but then thought id kinda look weird sitting at home wearing sunnies.

Now before reviewing it, i had a week of testing it out (like any good blogger would) and boy was it a lovely week!

Unlike most of my $10 sunnies, these actually blocked the sun from my eyes. The frames a pretty big but i love big frames, i feel they make my face look skinnier. LOL At first i thought it was black and brown but when i put them on outside it was actually green and brown! I didn't mind at all because i am loving GREEN right now. On the first day they felt a bit heavy because they were so big, but as the days passed it became lighter and lighter...so light, i forgot i was wearing them and walked into the shops and asked my friend "why is it so dark in here, don't they know how to turn the lights on?" my friend then replied "ummm you still have your sunglasses on" hahahahaha I got quite a lot of compliments about the glasses...usually i get the compliments but we all need a break sometime (IM SO JOKING!)

In conclusion if you love sunglasses or need a pair of glasses ,you should go and shop at VISION DIRECT AU they have alot of specials and their prices are not eye soring! They have all the brands you love and need in your life! Also they have a virtual try on section, so you can see what you will look like with those brand new Gucci Sunglasses. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

I shall leave you with some very professional (not really haven't had time to do a shoot) photos my two eldest kids (5 & 7) took on the way to dropping them off to school! Enjoy.

SEE you next week!
(that was the last pun, EYE swear)

Thank you vision direct for letting me collaborate with you it was a real pleasure!

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