Wednesday, October 6, 2010


im giving away this very pretty skirt from ASOS!
isn't it perrrrrty!!!
i'd keep it myself but as i promised,
if i got to more than 50 members
i'd do a give away!
and now here is ur chance to win this skirt!!!
All you have to do is tell me
what/how you would wear this skirt & with what?
(does that make sense? lol)
the most creative wins!!!!

Send it to
with competition on the subject.
don't forget to add your name and what country you're from!!
Entry closes 29th October 2010
Winners will be announced on 1st November 2010
on the blog plus, i will email the winner!
goodluck girls!!!


  1. Interested!! Will email u later! ^_^

  2. i got ur email!
    good luck!!!

  3. what a lovely skirt!! I love the color..definitely will join it soon :)..I want to think it firts..hope that I can win it ;)


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