Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look what rapper M.I.A. wore to the red carpet...

What are your thoughts??


  1. ohmy disrespectful. i understand an artist is supposed to be creative but this is offensive especially the way she is posing in the second photo

  2. I don't agree with her outfit. It is as if she is wearing a costume, making a mockery of Islamic dress.

  3. nothing new for her, i don't think. if it had been something elegant or cute, i would have liked it. this just looks very unappealing and idk, i kinda wanna rip it off her. >___<

  4. It's not the first time a celebrity has tried to "shock" people by taking influence from various religious traditions and so-called "blaspheming". The West has always been obsessed with painting the East as unusual/alluring/oppressive. I mean, look at how Hollywood portrayed the Middle East in the latest Sex and the City film, or the way Islam is represented in films such as Submission.
    In my opinion, it needn't be blown out of proportion. Most non-Western religions are mocked, imitated and exotified by the media, and it stretches very far back in history.
    MIA sucks in general anyway. No biggie.

  5. The biggest problem I have with it is that on top of the tacky cultural appropriation (which is bad enough) it's just a really ugly costume. That print is terrible.

    And her silhouette looks entirely too much like Darth Vader.

  6. i agree with other commentors. this is disrespectful.

  7. Clearly none of you know anything about MIA's work. She is always trying to make a political/social statement with what she wears. Her music and music videos usually have a very strong message about injustice. Can't you see how she's potentially supporting women who choose to wear it, and protesting against the niqab bans that have been occurring? Maybe she's even protesting against the way women in the limelight feel the need to dress up in short skirts and make themselves up like clowns to get attention and fame... Please stop to think what someone's intentions are rather than just jumping to attack her...

    Also, if you think SHE looks like Darth Vader, does that mean you think ALL women wearing niqab do, too? Their outfits are totally black, so they resemble the villain even more, no?

    1. *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* Thank you, I was fucking getting pissed off at the comments. FUCKING CHRIST. She even said she only wore it (ONCE) because it was at a time when America was thinking of a ban and everyone was so against it so she wore it to support it. NO one really made comments for it. America has this ideology of "women are so oppressed wearing this and all they want to do is take it off and wear tank tops and short shorts but they can't because their husband will beat them." It's ridiculous and M.I.A. likes to play with that shit without having to spoonfeed it to you. She's expressing something, take the time to understand what she is saying, maybe look some stuff up and expand your mind". When she say 3RD WORLD DEMOCRACY, she is not joking. People respect her in places you are probably scared to even set foot in so I think a bunch of westeners shouldn't talk about how offensive this is when she is not in the wrong, whatsoever. DON'T OVER ANALYZE. SHE'S ON YOUR SIDE.

  8. Anon: I suggest you read Intent! It's Magic!. Just because she intended to protest something (and that is just your supposition), doesn't mean that is what others see. It doesn't take away from the offence caused, and it doesn't fix things.

    And no, I don't think all women wearing niqab look like Darth Vader. That's something in the particular choices in that particular outfit make her headwear resemble his helmet. If I believed all women wearing niqab look like Darth Vader I'd hardly be reading this blog, would I? Also, that would be what I said, not what you imagined I said.

  9. What has reading this blog got to do with thinking someone in a niqab looks like Darth Vader, exactly? Anyone could read this blog regularly. I wouldn't assume anything about a person based on whether they read a blog.

    Just as you all have found it offensive and assume she's tacky and stupid for doing it, I thought it was an interesting thing for her to do, and its absolutely reasonable that she did it for the reason I stated, ESPECIALLY in light of the recent ban on face coverings in France. Is my supposition less believable than the suppositions of others in the comments that she is making a mockery of Islam by donning it?

    I never stated that you think all women in niqab look like Darth Vader. Is it a complete non sequitur to assume you think all niqab wearing women look like him since you said she does in her dress and face covering?

    She's a South Asian woman, and to me that makes all the difference. If it was Lady Gaga wearing it, maybe i'd have an issue, but not M.I.A.

  10. "Clearly none of you know anything about MIA's work." You're the one who said not to assume someones intention behind their actions. If we're playing by that rule then you probably shouldn't be assuming how narrow or broad someone's knowledge is.

    Anyway, back to this burqa-clad MIA business. I genuinely think it isn't an argument worth having. Whether it's Lady Gaga sexualising age-old Christian imagery a la Madonna or MIA utilising Islamic traditions to create her red carpet number, people are always going to sensationalise what celebrities do. We all know that that's the essence of the entertainment industry. Boorrrrinnng. I reckon we shouldn't fuel the fire but that's just my opinion. I understand the clear class and cultural distinctions between the two celebrities but at this stage, they are both earning their paychecks in very similar ways, in influential positions and living under scrutiny. There is no way MIA didn't know her outfit was going to cause controversy in the same way Gaga was well aware that her antics would grab peopples attention. I guess everyone's "suppositions" are legitimate.

    MIA wearing a street art themed burqa is no different to me wearing patches all over my jacket and a hijab on my head. And if people think that's tacky, distasteful or disrespectful then I could not care less. The only difference is she's standing on a red carpet with a dozen par cans, lenses and microphones pointed in her direction and I'm just some nerdy traveller kid. Oh and i suppose the fact that she does not believe in Islam like I do. Anyway, it's not about me. It's not about anything. I don't even remember what my point was (or if I even had one) because it really is no big deal.

    As for me saying MIA sucks, that was a reference to her music, sonically, and my personal opinion so I apologise for not having clarified that initially.

    Also, hoping that I don't come across as condescending, I'd like to recommend a book to everyone. It's called Orientalism by Edward Said - a super-interesting read if you're into reading about the exotification of the East. And it possibly addresses more important issues than a celebrities chosen attire.

  11. You know I say that if she wanted to be a mockery or offensive she would have made the body of the outfit inappropriately offensive, such as keeping the niqab but making the body part like a sexy outfit. But she didnt do that. Theres nothing offensive here. I have to agree that she trying to make a political /social statement not make fun of it. Honestly forget about this childish darth vader or the print or colors are ugly, look at the message shes trying to send out, on how people are being treated unfairly, unjust and their right as a human being to practice their religion and live in peace with their beliefs.

  12. People are offended way too easily. I agree with the first anonymous comment. It's really not that big of a deal imo.


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