Friday, October 1, 2010

Perrty Asos Skirt!

Hehehe i got another freebie!
thanks to the new mummy who gave it to me!
i was suppose to buy this skirt off her
but instead she gave it to me
coz i drove her to the hospital
while she was having contractions
because her husband was at work
and was on his way..long story.. hehehe
well thank you anyways!
love ya!


  1. tanx girls!
    stoney how are u?????????

  2. salaam,

    nice blog.

    tried to find your e-mail but no luck :(

    I have a website where i'm selling pretty silk scarves I'd like to introduce.

    hope you like it:)

  3. Beautiful motif and color... love it! and I like the way you wrap your hijab :)

  4. mannnn! i really like your long skirt! and the way u wrap ur hijab is awesome too!!!!

  5. hye haiina!
    luv2 how u wrap ur scarf!!


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