Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lottie London Brushes


Wow aren't you lucky, two post in one week! (lol) Hello again! Thank you for coming back. Hope you are all in good health. I was contacted a while ago by Lottie London to do a collaboration, which I was quite excited about. I wanted to expand my blog to a lifestyle blog but wasn't sure what angle to take, so this week it's all beauty related. First nail polish (previous post) and now here I am about to review my first makeup brush by Lottie London.

Lottie London sent me the 'Flawless Base Brush' and the 'Sundowner Set' (nail files). When I first received them I thought "how cute is the packaging so simple, but looks so good!", (if you don't know already I'm all about stripes) so when I saw the black and white stripes on the packaging, I knew this would be love! (and I hadn't even opened it yet hehe).

Once I opened the packet, I realised I forgot to take a pretty photo (sorry). But I was instantly over it when I touched the brush I was like "WOW that's so soft! hey, feel how soft this is! it's so soft hey? OMG it's so soft" (that's me talking to my kids while brushing their cute little faces with the brush).

So the very next day I decided to use it. I applied some foundation and brushed away. In my head I was thinking, oh wait it's going to leave those damn brush strokes... and to my SURPRISE it didn't! If anything, it smoothed it out and it was so easy to use! I felt like I wasn't even trying, it just glided on so nicely.

After using the brush I thought maybe I'll wash it and see how it holds up tomorrow. And again smooth brush strokes and felt like a breeze! The brush itself is very sturdy, it has a nice grip to it, also the bristles are tucked in nicely, so they don't come off easily. The colours on these brushes make me happy, not like your normal black or white set of brushes! They are affordable but feel like the expensive ones! Also they are cruelty free and vegan. So what better way then to start your new collection of brushes!!

I was also gifted with the Nail Filers which was easy to use because they were big enough to hold, and easy to file. It came in a pack of three with different colours on each filer. For the people who aren't sure how to file properly, it has the instructions on the back of the packaging (which I used teehee).

So as always I shall leave you with some pictures of me and the products and please do yourself a favour and get YO self some brushes and other stuff! If not for yourself, a loved one. They will definitely be pleased with the quality of it!! I know where I'll be shopping for more brushes!!!


Photos by: Fadhila Prabu

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