Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kester Black Nail Polish


See I told you I would be back! So today's post is about a new nail polish range called KESTER BLACK and yup you guessed it!!! It's water permeable and breathable, which makes it healthier for the nail and good for muslim woman! Wuuuu!!!!

I was sent three different colours and a top coat from Jacinta (thank you!!) and wow, just wow!
This nail polish is not only water permeable and breathable, it is Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free, Cruelty Free International and Vegan Society. It's also proudly made and owned in Australia!

I tried it on for a week to test out the quality. I was very satisfied with it! It was so easy to put on with just one glide. The brush was soft and felt amazing! It's a really good brush because the brush itself is fat and a little flat, so it's easier to put on in one go. I really loved how it didn't easily get scratched like other breathable nail polishes.

All in all they have a lot of amazing colours! I was lucky enough to receive some colours, that I am loving right now... but I already have my eye on a limited edition one that they did in collaboration with Pantone.

Not only do they sell nail polish, they also sell hand & body care which are cruelty free and vegan, like hand wash, body wash and all that jazz!

So I shall leave you with a few photos of me and Kester Black nail polish! Be sure to check them out!


(no chickens were harmed in this shoot!)

Photos taken by: Fadhila Prabu


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