Friday, July 2, 2010

Finding Him, Finding You

My Beautiful Sister in law Suada sent me this
& i thought it would be a nice read for all you beautiful ppl out there!

There is a time to read and a time to write
A time to be and a time for Light

Don't shy away from you, from Him, your journey is intertwined
Its here and its there, its darkness and its Light

Don't shy away from the first breath, honor it, cherish it, hold on to it
And it will hold you with a firmness that's Illuminated and True, His power and light will carry you

In the fear and in the anguish He is there
In the lack and in the loss He is near

Awaken yourself to the signposts, yes! they are for you!
They will lead you to Him, to you, to what you always knew

Let go of form and grasp on to Truth
And a world will awaken deep within you

A world were He is, a world where you are
A love that is familiar as it is foreign and far, as sacred as it is true as it is deep with you.

Do not resist life and do not resist you
The purpose for your creation, its embedded within you

To experience great loss is to find great love
Resist nothing and resign yourself to gain love and life itself

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