Saturday, July 3, 2010

i want a hoojab!

having PROBLEMS!
i want to buy a hoojab from pearl daisy!
but im so banana brained
i don't know how to work paypal!!
someone please help!!


  1. do you still need help with paypal?
    email :

  2. check Rabia Z 's facebook page, dated 29th August, Rabia Z herself said: "we don't sell "hoojab". Though the classic RZ Hoodie Wrap hijab has been shown in catwalks since March 2008, Oct 2008, Jan 2009, April 2009 (& continues to show), sadly (but typical) copied versions came out named "hoojab" etc 2 years later. Please do not mistake the two styles as unfortunately we have recently today been blamed for having copied that style."
    The design is NOT patented, anyone can make a tutorial and sell these if they want.

  3. The Hoojabs by Pearl Daisy are *amazing*. I own probably a good dozen. I heard Pearl Daisy has recently started using credit cards without Paypal account on their website, and in some cases I heard of bank transactions doing the trick.
    P.s. Amena has frequently confirmed she has patented the Hoojab more than 1 year ago.

  4. Can anyone give me a correct website to order from? I have been trying for over 2 weeks on and can't seem to order.

    Thank you,


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