Monday, July 19, 2010

The Souq Scarfs & cards has Arrived!!!

The package went to my neighbour and they accidentally ripped the envelope! But Allhamdullilah everything was okio!

i got eid cards! wuhuuuuuuu!! lol

This is me and my son at disney on ice the next day!
Im proudly wearing my new Shayla "the wave" scarf!!!

It was very simple to use and put on!
it stayed on well, didn't move as much!
it's has a soft texture to,
it not as soft as the pashmina's
but it's still good.
it's not like one of those cheap
hard stiff materials that u find at the $2 shop!
(but don't get me wrong
u can find some good scarfs at the $2 shop) hehe

So GIRLS if u like scarfs with pretty flowers
and patterns then this online shop is for u!
it's cheap & they deliver straight away!!

Can't wait to buy some more scarfs!
Oh yeh before i forget they also sell
eid/everything else cards
pins for your scarfs
yummy halal lollies/chips
the list goes on
So check 'em out!

p.s. i shall post more pix of the other items i got from The Souq!
Question: Does anyone know what Souq means? Let me know!


  1. A "souq" is like an inner city traditional market in Arabic and Moroccan towns. Like a bazaar, I guess.
    Which reminds me, I ate at a place called Souk in the City the other day. It was like gourmet Moroccan food. Sooo yummy. You would have loved it!

  2. oooooooooowwwwwww sounds yum!!
    address please! heheheh

  3. OH and thank you
    for answering my question! hehehe

  4. Love her hijabs..I think 1/2 of my collection (yes its wearable art) is from ShoptheSouq..and then the other is from Al-mujalbaba **smile**
    I'm glad you loved your goodies.

  5. I adore all my goodies hehehe!!!


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