Friday, July 9, 2010


Metallic Lace $35 Front view, nude biege gorget wrap, with bottom lace trim lining and intricate cut out metallic designs

Ruffled Prima Ballerina. $40. pastel pink chiffon square. 5 layers of ruffles angled towards the right side. Comes in White Chiffon

Fish scale pleats $40. light teal chiffon square. inspired by the victorian pleat. this pleat has curved ends

Blair paisley print bow thats off white material and black velvet print. black gem sewn in the middle Two touch tone coral color square $8.50 warp $9.50

Bella Couture. $40 Front view of beige wrap and nude pink bubble end. Hand sewn white diamond and gold and pink sequence divide

i was expolring the internet as u do on a friday night (haahha)
and i found this two girls named Marwa Atik and Nora Diab.
And they have a brand together called VELA!!
which is an awesome twist to scarfs!
i wanna buy some!
let me know what you guys think!


  1. their hijabs are too cute! whats the website?

  2. i went on there site but it didnt work!
    but u can buy there stuff from facebook.
    just add them VELA or u can try there site again
    im excited too buy some!!!
    i love online shopping!!

  3. salam girls!

    Wow we are flattered that you love our hijabs! our website will be up in two weeks and you will be in for many more surprises all in time for Eid!! Please check back again with us soon!

    The Vela Team

  4. Thanx Vela Girls
    i can't wait for the suprises!
    i LOVE suprises!!!! hehehe

  5. and fashion ROCK..especially when its MODEST.
    I'm going to check them out on FB. Where is it based? AU?

  6. Sakeenah: Me too!!!!

    Umm Amirah: they're based in america if im not mistaken!

    happy shopping!


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